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  1.  still the best!


    For some reason this is the first review not based on the demo!
    Some initial problems installing but once i managed it, i found out how good the game was!
    The press conferances are a brilliant new addition, making the whole game more realistic and enjoyable!
    The 3d match engine is another good addition, however a lot of people will not like this too much, therefore luckily the game has the good old original 2d to please all!
    Still keeps most of the great aspects of 2008 with all the obvious updates, so all round a superb new game in the best managerial franchise on the pc!

  2.  good fun!


    Its not an amazing, deep film but it is still a fun film to watch, maybe with a few mates.
    The fighting and stunts are great! Ok so they car flipping is so unrealistic but hey it looks good and its not meant to be a real story or anything so i think these parts make the film more enjoyable!
    An yeah the main woman is the main attraction!

  3.  finished!


    Now the short series has finished i thought i would give a review.
    -Its brilliant however i was a bit disappointed by the ending.
    -The zombies are great and pretty scary! Oh and they run quick so could make you jump!
    -The big bro re-union at the start is so pointless as you dont seem to see many of them later on...
    However its a great fun watch and kept me on the edge of my seat every night! :)

  4.  indescribable!


    quite simply the best game ever created!
    graphics are immense, storyline is brilliant, single player campaign is great but a little short. However this does not matter once you have been online!
    absolutely amazing online with so many different game types, maps, weapons, ranks etc
    if you have an xbox 360 you simply MUST have this game! :)

  5.  simply the best!


    not much else to say about this game that hasnt already been said but it is quite simply the best game ever!
    the single player campaign is great but i finished it quite quickly. however this doesnt matter at all once you play online. its brilliant with so many different games to do and has you annoyingly addicted!
    the graphics are also mind blowing, overall a very high 10/10! :D

  6.  amazing!


    probably the best game ive played and i have owned a lot of consoles and played a lot of games! Great graphics, great story, great gameplay..but what really makes this game what it is, is the online multiplayer. so many things to do on it and each game is brilliant and addictive. 10/10 easily!

  7.  good but not as good as 11 & 13


    would of given this a 3* if it wasnt for the choreography of the laser scene! It tries too hard to be funny instead of a decent plot and it works until the julia roberts look-a-like scene which is just ridiculous! However it is still a decent film but nowhere near as good as the other two.

  8.  The Best Heist Film Ever!


    Not much to say to be honest as this film is so good!
    Its funny, clever and has a lot of great twists.
    the type of film you can watch over and over!

  9.  haha


    so stupid its unbelievable!
    confusing, ridiculous storyline and generally awful

  10.  The rom com rebel!


    Not being much of a rom-com lover myself, i was expecting to add this to my list of boring identical films.
    However, i thoroughly enjoyed this as it doesnt seem to follow the traditional blueprint for the romantic comedy genre...funny, entertaining and a good easy watch.
    Highly recommend this film to everyone!