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  1.  Excellent Smart Phone


    I previously had a SE P990i which this model replaced.

    The main differences on the plus side between this and the P990i are that this has a more powerfull processor, a much stronger steel frame, a longer stylus, seems to be quicker downloading internet pages, has full today details on the home screen, has a 3.2 mp camera, and is smaller and lighter. There are no real down sides although the screen is slightly smaller (2.6 inches as opposed to 2.8), and the qwerty rocker keyboard takes a little getting used to, but is ultimately more comfortable to use.

    Like the P990i the Quick Office software included is fine for viewing and updating excel and work doc's that are not huge (in word terms abour 28 pages). If you wish to work on very large documents I found that Documents To Go can cope with documents 100 pages long (this is 3rd party software that I purchased seperately.

    Other 3rd Party software I use is the SlovoeEd dictionary (works fine although generates a message everytime you shut the software down), and Handy Safe (secure passwords). Sony Ericsson Media Studio 3 is good for converting DVD Films to your phone. Google Maps works fine although the version I tried to download from the Sony Ericsson web-site would not pass the security check (I simply downloaded a older version from elsewhere).

    The P990i was an excellent phone once the firmware was updated. This phone seems to be fine without firmware updates (right first time!).

    Top Tips- The hardware back key doubles up as a key lock. Simply keep your finger on the button to lock/unlock the device.

    My 8GB memory card works fine with this phone.

    I downloaded the xjaguar blue theme (free) from the internet which I personally feel works very well.

  2.  Brilliant concert by the original line-up


    I experienced no sync problems, so perhaps some DVD players have problems with the formatting. The concert shows Duran on top form with loads of energy. Unlike other DVD's of the band this shows just how good they are.

    There are loads of quality extra's, and I totally recomend this DVD to anybody who enjoys rock/pop music.

  3.  Fantastic!!!!


    I have one Feeder album, and thought I would like to hear more. I ordered this and was not dissapointed. Highlights include Just the Way I'm Feeling & Yesterday Went to Soon. However all tracks are well worth a listen.

  4.  A good live show although a little predictable.....


    This is Britton where actors Lucas and Williams bring much delight to a comedy loving nation. This show is very well deliverved and professtional. The only problem is that this offers very little that is new or exciting when compared to the T.V shows. Everyone knows the catch phrases, and a found myself a little bored at times watching this. The Fast Show was also based on catch phrases, but live it delivered far more excitment and energy.

  5.  Top quality sound and easy to use interface.


    This is a very good MP3 player with much better sound than the more popular IPOD. This is easy to use, and can be managed via Windows Media Player 11 (the easiest way to put album art onto the device if using the MP3 format). If you play average quality MP3's you can expect to get around 2000 tracks on this device. This will mostly be fine if you only like to carry around your favorite tracks from each album (the songs you actually play), as opposed to carrying around your entire music collection. Unlike my NWA-3000 the battery of this model actually does last around 30 hours which is fantasic. You can view films and pictures on this device, although the screen and memory size restrict what you can fit onto it (he picture quality is fantasic). This device does have a custom sound equalizer which is a bonus, although I have not needed to adjust this. I recommend the plastic case as it is takes a little effort to push the buttons through the leather version.

  6.  Great Band.... bad sound quality


    I have all the Mission albumss and loved their last studio album (God is a Bullet). However the sound quality on this live recording lets this offering down a little. Also the track selection could have been a little more varied. This includes yet another version of Like a Child Again (this time more rock n'roll), but for me the best version of this iexcellent song is the piano version on the Lighting the Candles DVD extras.

  7.  A lighter version of the X-Files.......


    I had never heard of this series until I stumbled across this on play.com. As a big fan of the X-Files I could not wait to watch this series, and was not disappointed. This series follows Byers, Frohike & Langly (all played by the original X-Files actors) as investigative journalists. The series also includes X-Files charecters Morris Fletcher, and brief appearances from other charecters such as Walter Skinner, X and Fox Mulder. Regular charecters Jimmy and Yves were in the X-Files episode Jump The Shark which is included in this box set in addition to the 13 shows included on this box set. It's a shame this show was cancelled as I would certainly be ordering the other seasons. Each of the 13 shows seem to be about an hour in length. In summary this is a must have for X-Files fans.

  8.  Good album with an enjoyable 45 minute DVD.


    This is a good album from the original line up. For me the best tracks are the Chains, Finest Hour and Still Breathing. Bedroom Toys is not to my taste (the song that is!), but my sister loves it. The overall product is excellent value for the price.

  9.  A fairly standard budget range game!


    This game will appeal to Xena fans only as Xena aside the game is nothing special. Most of the familiar charecters are here, and as a Xena fan this was just about worth buying. The PS1 Xena game is much better though.

  10.  A balanced review of all albums up to Astronaut.


    This is a fair assessment of the carreer of one of the UK's most successful bands. This is not put together by fans who simply say everything Duran is amazing, this is very honestly put together, and will be a worthwhile experience for Duran Duran fans.