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  1.  All Killer and uh.... Yea


    Solid album from the great sum 41 with the obvious stand out tracks being fat lip and in too deep but all other songs being at least good. The only reason it does not get the full 5 stars as i do not think it is quite as good as does this look infected or chuck basically because i don't feel there are many very good tracks as the other albums. Still worth a buy though!

  2.  Yes it does look infected but it's still Awesome!


    Very good album with some of sum 41s best tracks especially the hell song. All of the tracks are at least good although a.n.i.c annoyed me slightly and although not quite as good, almost as good as the brilliant chuck. Definitely worth buying even if you've never listened to sum 41 before.

  3.  Its OK


    I am a big sum 41 fan but i really didn't feel this album was up to their standards at all. There are a few really good songs but then there are also some that are very very average. The uk bonus track is quite a good song though. I'd listen to it before purchasing and i really hope sum 41- greatest hits isn't the next thing to come...

  4. Chuck


    Sum 41 - CD

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     Sum 41 at their best!


    This is quite comfortably sum 41's best album as i listened to the whole thing without having to skip a track which i very rarely find with any c.d every has different opinions but i think we're all to blame and pieces are the stand out tracks. Definitely worth a buy if you like punk rock music and the album to have for sum 41 fans

  5.  Saints are Back!


    This game is simply... Fun. Yes they haven't really improved upon the story as the actual storyline of one of the gangs is very similar to one on the original saints row, if you own it, you'll see what i mean. But i really don't care about the missions because this game is fun. They've taken a very fun game and turned it into ultra fun. Some of the new activities are brilliant especially fuzz where you get to impersonate a police officer. They've also improved upon the activities in general since there are only 2 of each activities with 6 levels each unlike the first saints which basically had a lot more which just got a bit boring. The weapons are just brilliant and being able to do activities to unlock unlimited ammo etc. Is a great idea. Co-op is just fantastic with a friend because it is literally free roam and you can do whatever you like including doing activities and missions together but this game has had me in hysterics more than a dozen times because of co-op. New vehicles as well including planes which already have parachutes in them which are also really fun. This is the most fun i've ever had in a game so if you love free roam sandbox style games, then this is a definite!

  6.  Yeah Baby!


    I had pretty high hopes on this game since i owned the first gears of war (and still do) and i really enjoyed it. This takes that and makes it just... Better. I thought the storyline was really good, the gameplay is just the same but with a few touches that make it more fun like sticking locust with grenades and some of the executions are fun to use. All the characters are back.... Yes don't worry Cole is still with us and he's just as awesome as ever creating some of the funniest things i've seen in a game. I don't quite know where the beserkers got to but they irritated me anyway so that's not enough to ruin the game for me. Weapons are much the same, multiplayer i think is really good on this Game and i didn't really like it on the first so a good improvement. Although i have to admit this game is not for everyone since at times it can be quite tactical, especially on insane but i say give it a try and fans of the original GOW, just go and buy it now because this is the best game i own on the XBOX 360.

  7.  Falls short of my expectations


    Unreal Tournament 1 was to be fair amazing: it was new the graphics for the time were brilliant and i couldn't get enough off it online or off. So when i saw unreal 3 was coming out i was pretty excited because i thought it would be just like unreal 1 but with better graphics. Not exactly. First of all although the unreal 1 campaign was just a lot of matches like unreal 3 but it didn't try to make a story out of it which this does. And to be honest it really doesn't work because of the Gears of War like characters and i didn't get into the actual story because the missions have nothing to do with it. Saying that Unreal isn't really about the single player so maybe that's a bit harsh. Multiplayer is great online and offline but it is not brilliant like Unreal 1. First of all where has the ripper gone?That was one of the coolest weapon ideas ever. Secondly on Unreal 1 it was possible to snipe a headshot which i don't think is the same as this where it is hard to even find a sniping position which leads me on to the maps. I just don't think they are as good as the Unreal 1 maps which were superb and they all feel a bit samey. I do think the vehicles are good though, i think some of the secondary weapons like the blades are creative and original. XBOX live is very fun and because of the fast pace can be very hectic which is fantastic. Overall Unreal Tournament 3 is a good fps but not as good as Unreal 1 (don't know about the others). This isn't meant to be realisitc like other FPS at all, it's just meant to be a whole load of fun. Which i think it succeeds at very well

  8.  Something missing...


    Fable 2 is a spectacular game: the scenery and creatures look very nice and the combat is just stunning because of its pace and simplicity. these things i feel automatically give the game at least 3 stars because they are superior to many other games. I think the final star comes from the open world and less linear gameplay compared to fable 1. The Jobs like Blacksmith and Woodchopping get a bit tedious but things like the assassination society are really quite fun. The Game has gone very deep into real world issues like marriage and economy as well which is a nice little touch. Then there are two points that stops this game from 5 stars. 1. The game is way too short and combat gets a bit repetitive. 2. Expressions just totally blank out the seriousness the game gets across (although some of the rude and funny expressions are quite addictive to use). I like the idea but since some of them are a bit over the top and some of the sounds are a little... odd, i can't give the game full 5 stars but i have started to get over the expressions and kind of ignoring them. Fable 2 is well worth getting but i feel there are a few points that can be made better or just were not worth putting in.

  9.  Brilliant at beginning but...


    This game at first appears to be a work of art from the amazing combat to some of the creative enemies but then after a few hours i realised: oh i've completed it. That is where the extra star has gone, after the first playthrough you know what the storyline is, the enemies you will fight etc. I have completed the game on Apprentice and Sith Warrior but simply can't be bothered to do it on sith lord. Don't let this put you off: it is a great game but just doesn't have the lasting appeal.