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  1.  Quality


    This game incorporates various levels that you dont see in other strategy games. The terrain plays a very important part in the stratagy, such as providing cover for you troops, decreasing the damage they take, or leaving them exposed, making them more vulnerable.
    Also the 4 different factions are, on the whole very different. Most stratagy games work on the idea that each race has pretty much the same units but different skins an names. This is not so much the case here. Easy race can be quite different, usable to different types of player. Orks are good for swarming the enemy, Eldar for espionarge, ambush and confusion, space marines for stand and shooting, and chaos for plain old destroying everything with anything.
    A good stratagy game, which is not to complex for beginners to the genre, and has a good, involving storyline to the campaign. It makes the fight seem personal, which is good at envoking the emotions the player would be feeling. I like this in a game.
    Definatly worth it for the price.

  2.  Fantastic for space play, but ground tactics are a let down.


    I have nothing but praise for this games space battles. Fast paced, or slow if ud prefer, space gamplay in the campaign while rarly tedious, can be a bit repetative. The space battle system is worthy of applause. However when playing down on the ground, some hero units are left obsolete by more up market ordinary units, and the computer can just walk all over you should it feel like it.
    This four stars shows how good the space system is, however i would warn anyone from buying it for its ground briliance. The ability for example, to trample infantry, is good, and sound stratigicly, however is taken to a much too higher extreme.

  3.  One for the long term players.


    This game, with the oringal and the add on is very good. I think the orignal lacked something. I welcomed the change in game play with the home city shipment system making the game play more dynamic and fast paced, im not often a perso who enjoys playing a game sheerly to get better at it, and i didnt with the pervious Age of empires games. But this one, it has something about it that makes it really playable. The different civilisations are not just bunched together, with a few unique units, they are all very different to each other makes multiplayer and skirmishes very interesting. Thes trade points make a new place to fight over with ure enemy and thus makes the game so much more interesting. Its a game you can always count on the keep you entertained for a good few hours. However the native units are distincly inferior to the european powers etc, and the game gave the impression that they were going to be a strong rival.
    A good game, well worth the expansion. Get it now.

  4.  Interesting. Story finishes early, left wide open.


    A decent shoot em up, with good not over complicated command system, all the characters have distincitve personalities and abilities, however i dont think this is emphasised enough when carrying out group procedures (eg sometimes the explosives guy will do door slicing while the sniper sets the charge).
    A good mix of enemies and an interesting enought story line.
    However your ammo reserves fail miserably at times causing you to resort to the pistol to clear entire levels, not good when you have entire armies of Super battle driods that are hard enough with a full arsenal.
    A few things that left me in shock and aww are the wookies, they are supremly hard. How all the other normal clone troops suck, and that youare not that much better than your sqad mates, which i think it is a good thing, unlike in other shooters where ure allies die off relativly early and everything is down to you.
    The abilty for you to take over certain roles like slice a door your self, or for you to set the chargers rather than let youre team do it all the time makes the game really interactive.
    Over all i think its a good buy for the relativly low price it is now. Even if the campaign is a little short.
    This does however leave it open to being rented and still enjoyed well enough. Thought the lack of a PS2 game is a real let down in my opinion.

  5.  Entertaining. For those who get sucked in by a good story.


    This game, as is said in the title, has a long and entertaining storyline. The addictive nature of the game play, means that there is always just this bunch of enemies more the beat. While understandable if thought boring while playing along, playing with a large group of friends, this game easy encourages co operative game play, and the characters that the players get to use will soon be completmentay to one another. The downloadable content available allows people to become even more interested in the game.
    The ability to change the whole team and the adjustable ending based on the effects of ure actions makes the game total accessable and encouragable.

  6.  The foundation of brilliance


    While the total war series has been popular, my love for this game is unmatched. This ancient warfare game is brilliant for every lover of stratagy games. While by no means a game for novices as it can be quite easy to be overwhelmed by whats going on, especially in the larger battles, the overwhelming vercitiliy and realism is outstanding. The campaign mode and the battle mode give fast paced action and long term thinking a chance and can help a player to develop his or her ability to perseave future events. While there is room for improvment, this game is more than worth its orignal price after the hours ive spent on it, let along the current one.

  7.  Absolutly mega fantastic awsomo brilliance in a few hours.


    This film, i had waited in anticipation for, since the dawn of time. Overdramatic you might say. When you watch it. Youd change your mind. I am a huge fan of greek warfare, and did love the film troy, but this brilliance on a screen just put it in the shade. The revolutionary choriography, excellent sound track and exemplary special effects make this film a thriller for all the sences. Its got betrayal, love, sacrifice, battle, blood, glory, nobility. I went to see this film 3 times, and am now obsessed with the number 300. This film is brilliant. Incase you hadnt got that vibe by now. Anyone who didnt enjoy it, needs to move into a herse.