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  1.  Didn't work with my camera


    It didn't actually work with my camera, must have been me misreading the specifications, however seems to be a decent cable, durable and would work fine with the right connection.

  2.  Official charger, as good as what come's with your phone.


    Work's absolutely fine, no problem and a lot better than some of the old chargers, which just had two pins, so if you have a SE charger that has just 2 pins that connect to the phone, and it doesnt have another connector on the back of the charger so that you can plug in headphones whilst charging your phone etc then I would definitely reccomend this.

  3.  Didn't work with my D78 printer


    This cartridge wasn't accepted by my D78 printer, yet other non generic cartridges work fine in it, I wouldn't reccomend from my experience.

  4.  Slightly crackly audio quality, but it is fm radio


    The only thing holding this little gem back is the fact it transmits via analogue radio, which means there's going to be some interference. It give's you the best possible audio quality possible though, as good as a perfect connection to a radio station, the display is useful, however the button on the side is slighly flimsy, still easy to use though so not much of a draw back at all, it's easy to change broadcasting frequency when another station interferes with it. A generally very useful little gadget a must have it's extremely useful, especially if you want to listen to your ipod in the car.

  5.  Great quality, great value, great cable


    Works flawlessly, no problem in the slightest, the connection is very secure and the cable is very durable.

  6.  5 stars


    it works fine, the connection is secure, i dont see a problem whatsoever so it gets 5 stars.

  7.  Works flawlessly


    It's very light, works perfectly and the wire is long enough. It also works on Xbox 360's.

  8.  Doesn't work on Vista 64 bit


    I was just slightly annoyed that this device did not work on my version of windows. When i contacted Veho support I was simply ignored which shows poor customer service. Also seemed slightly poorly constructed, as it was slightly bendy, and so would be likely to break if you left it in your computer and knocked into it.

  9.  Good quality product however design is very flawed.


    I have to say the build quality is very good, it is nicely packed in an attractive tin and so appears to be a perfect gift. However the building blocks don't actually connect securely to other parts, they are simply left to lie on the other parts, making it wobbly and hard to build, good for the novelty aspect but i was generally dissapointed, especially when i had a look at it and then gave it to my dad as a present.

  10.  Good value for money!


    The audio quality is seemingly untouched, and it is very light and compact. One drawback however is that it gets a little hard sometimes to insert the second pair of earphones, but a small price to pay. I would reccomend!