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  1.  Brilliant fun!


    I was a bit annoyed at first as I found this game a bit difficult to get the hang of after only playing wii sports baseball before - but this is so much more fun! The graphics are good considering this is the wii, the controls are excellent and easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can use the nunchuk if you would like to control the direction of your hit but it is not necessary. Become a legend mode is great fun, you start off in mexico where you pretty much learn the basics before rejoining the big leagues where you get to pick your own team etc.
    A great game for baseball fans and even people who aren't!

  2.  love to fly.


    :) good game for the flying aspect. storyline is too short though. in fact there sort of isn't one. the enemies are very similiar also. would give 3 stars but balancing out the fact that someone that has never played it gave it one star.

  3.  Not as short as people think.


    Mirrors Edge is a very good game, it's completely different to anything you will have seen before. Download the demo and see for yourself, if you liked it, you will love the full game.
    Although, yes, the story is quite short (Around 7-10 hours first playthrough) there is so much more to do! There are plenty of time trials with more maps on the way, addictive speedruns for each level and of course, finding the hidden bags. You will also find yourself going back through earlier levels looking for spots to get the achievements such as "May I have this dance?"
    If you can complete it in one day, you must have no life. I'm sorry, but it's true. But if you play all day long it's not going to last, is it? It took me a week to complete the story but I am still playing it, and the replayibility is good.
    My first playthrough was normal, second easy so I can go through all of it without using guns and then again on hard.
    Some people have found the first person view annoying but saying you can't see your feet is completely wrong because, if you look down, you can. I personally don't have any problems with it, I think it makes the game much better and I don't have any difficulty with timing. Of course, it will take time at first but you will soon get into it.

  4.  Why?


    Why has this game got such great reviews? Sure, it's not, awful, it warrants about 2 stars.
    Although it is long, most of the time you are just collecting studs - there isn't much else to do. I'd say at least 70% of the time you spend playing is spent collecting studs.

  5.  One of the best games out there!


    I was extremely surprised to find a review saying it was short - you obviously only did the vital missions, most people who actually played the whole game got 30-40 hours play time, I got 34 hours out of it on my first playthrough and I only completed it 80%. And so much for replay value - there are many different endings in the fantastic story line and you have to play it at least 3 times through to get the full 1000 points.
    This is definetely the biggest map on the 360, you can explore the whole milky way and solar systems are added when you complete assignments and story missions.
    The music is excellent and fits in perfectly, a wonderful addition to beautifully real-looking graphics.
    Choose your squad, weapons, outfits and upgrades as you lead your crew on a mission to save humanity from a spectre gone rogue, Saren.
    In the making for 4 years, this game has definitely delivered, and I can't wait for the others is this incredible trilogy.

  6. Amped 3

    Amped 3

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £45.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.04

     What a game!


    Firstly, to the person below, Amped 3 DOES have multiplayer sled challenges. Secondly, it's a great game, has brilliant graphics, especially for people, and has some great missions, and is hilarious. By the time you've got to "Weiner Land" your addicted! And thats pretty early. The missions range from hard to easy, but not impossible, and not only include snowboarding, but gliding, snowmobiling and you can even go down a mountain on a sofa. I'd pay the original price for this game, £9.99 is outstanding! A great game to have in your collection.