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  1.  Amazing!!! A vast improvement over the origanal.


    This game is ten times better than the origanal. The combat has been improved and there are different moves for different weapons and now you can buy different weapons and armour from blacksmiths. You get money from completing missions or you can invest in your villa to get an income, which is a charming distraction from the fast action paces.

    They have added loads of puzzels you can solve that reveal "The Truth" which is opitinal.

    Anyone who likes stealth games should get this

  2.  ANAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!!


    Mass Effect 2 is simply epic. The running time can easily go over 20 hours of solid gameplay. There is also a very intense story to each of the team mates. You can either ignore or you can dive in and get completely drawn in.

    I'm not saying the the combat, isn't brilliant though. The battles are really intense. You can use your powers and weapons for devasting effects if you use them right, and your squad members easily keeping the paces of the battles going. Your squad members aren't completely dependent on you, they won't just stand out of cover and let the enemy shoot at them. They are actually very useful.

    I can't wait till the next one!

  3.  GREAT GAME!!!!!!


    You have to buy this game! The graphics are almost perfect with occasional hiccups. The fighting flows smoothly but can be hair pullingly annoy somtimes. But the coolest bit is jumping from rooftop to rooftop assassinating any gaurds you see in a varity of ways. You can do it quietly with your hidden blade, take them out at range with throwing knives, you can stad thought the stomach with your sword or you do it the old fanshion way a just push them off.
    It's cool anyway you do it.

  4.  AWERSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game in my openion my be in the running for the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The graphic are so detailed and the fighting is so cool. You can be punching a Brute round face one second, shoot another with a shotgun and to finish them you hit them with a woping great hammer [a gravity hammer].This is a great game which any Xbox 360 gamer should have in there collection.

  5.  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game is a must buy!!!the graphics are great and the game gives you a lot of freedom on want you can do and how you do it. The combat style is really smooth. This a really good buy and if you do all the sidequests it can bring hours of fun. But don't rush it or you will get bored!!!!!!

  6.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is one of the greatest games for the WII ever! The combat controls are amazing, making you feel really involved. There is a lot of cool puzzles that test your brain. I think everybody should have a copy.

  7.  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A must buy!!! Endless fun. but it should be a 12.Not that violent.

  8.  Brilliant!!!!!!!


    Spore is brilliant for everyone and is a definite must buy! The fun starts from the minute you install the game. It can be complicated but once you get the hang of it - it is endless fun that keeps evolving!