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Product Reviews

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  1.  Brilliant


    Absolutely fantastic and it really was on the verge of five stars. If you're into thrillers then watch this, it will keep you engrossed.

  2.  Beyond Incredible


    This game is incredible. It has good graphics, characters you easily warm to, a great storyline, amazing gameplay, freedom to do things your own way (you can either kill almost everyone you meet or no-one at all, you can use force or stealth and people can be killed or incapacitated in a variety of clever an creative ways), and brilliant replay value (I think there are three endings you can get, as well as a variety of ways to complete your missions).

    I haven't been as obsessed and addicted to a game in a long time. The closest thing I can make to a negative comment is that I'm glad I completed it quickly because the sleep deprivation was really starting to hit home, especially at work.

  3.  Surprising Good


    I didn't realise that this was a vampire film until it arrived and immediately felt that sense of dread that it was going to be another in a long line of rubbishy vampire films. However I was very pleasantly surprised, it's not the scariest film ever made and I doubt anyone will be sleeping with the lights on after it but it's a very clever film that turns the stereotypical vampire story on it's head.

    This is a beautiful film that really generates a strong empathy with the main characters who are fantastically portrayed by two of the most talented young actors in Hollywood.

  4.  Brilliant


    This is a fantastic film. Not overly funny but some fantastic action, brilliant characters (especially Hit-Girl), a well written story and some great comedy moments make this one of the best films I've ever seen.

  5.  Very Good


    A very good film. I wouldn't call it overly scary and think marketing it as a horror was misleading, however this is a very well made film with a very engrossing storyline that keeps you guessing right until the last moment. I would definitely recommend this DVD.

  6.  brilliant


    this game is one of the best i've ever played. its one of those games where theres always something else to unlock or a new height to conquer. the battle system is great and the characters are very individual despite there being so many of them.

    a defo must-buy for anyone, especially if you like hack and slash.

  7.  average


    very mixed feelings about this, gameplay is amazing with good character designs and brilliants maps (he fei castle and its trap are particularly impressive). however the absurd decision to cut 7 characters holds the game back, as does the absurder decision to only give 17 characters their own musou mode, most characters are only playable in free or challenge mode. the other problem is the lack of historical accuracy, i would never expect a game to perfectly adhere to history but this game is so loosely based it is untrue with many important events and decisions completely made up. hopefully an expansion pack that includes all 48 character plus maybe even afew more characters and musou mode for all playable characters will be release as this will greatly improve the game. and hopefully DW7 will be more historically accurate. DW6 just doesn't compare to DW5 in most aspects but is still worth buying for old and knew fans alike. overall 6/10

  8.  absolutely brilliant


    amazing show !! one of the funniest programs ever made, will smith plays the part perfectly as do the rest of the cast. tatyana m.ali makes ashley into one of the funniest and most loveable kids on TV. karyn parsons as hillary adds a wow factor for the guys aswell as playing her part brilliantly.

  9.  defo worth a watch


    its not a 'laugh out for 2hours' film but its got a good plot and is defo worth getting, i've got it and i'm extremely pleased with it

  10.  Brilliant


    Absolute must buy, I couldn't put the controller down for weeks after I first played it. One of the greatest games of all time, for me, it's up there contending with GTA.