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  1. Skate



    4 New from  £14.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.31

     1 word, amazing!


    this is simply the best skating game i have ever had the pleasure of playing, ive also played the new tony hawks and that might aswell go in the bargain bucket becasue skate wins in every way. the overal control system, the sounds and even the bails are amazing

  2.  great great great


    this game is one of the fps games ever. the thrill of walking around hunting the opposition down knowing they could be waiting for you around the corner, you're constantly on the edge of your seat. can lagg sometimes but not alot (depends on computer). would advise to get it.

  3. Driver 76

    Driver 76

    Playstation Portable

    6 New from  £10.05  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.99

     it's driver


    great great great game. if like any other driver game u'll like this. buy it!

  4.  great movie


    this movie has always been one of my favourites. the fast storylines, all the differnet characters and the mix of violence and a hint of comedy is a great touch. it has a bit of every genre in this film and it is a must buy, especially a special edition with all the extras.

  5.  great movie


    cant beleive a great comedy like this is only £5. it has the classic wayans brothers style comedy that can get anyone laughing. if you a fan of scary movie 1 and 2 you will love this because of the similar comedy styles. the two wayans playing the "white chicks" do a great job and yet another great deal from play.com

  6.  good deal


    predator 1 is an amzing movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead role. keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    predator 2 doesn't live up to the first but it is still decent and for this price for one amazing movie and a good movie its a good deal.

  7.  its ok


    stallone has tried but not really succeded, seeing an old man working isnt my cup of tea but if your a rocky fan you might like it. i found the film overall quite boring until the finale fight but that was the only really exciting bit about it. stallone has done well for his age but lets hope theres no more to come.

  8.  bargain


    5 pounds for THE greatest musical ever with great quality, watch this and you'll be singing all the songs for days.

  9.  great


    buy it! funniest tv show ever. zach braff is amazing and every episode i full of laughs. you've gotta love "JD". endless moaning by dr cox, carla and turks relationship is still.....well.......going. its a scrubs fans must have. if you have never seen scrubs before still buy it, it can make anyone laugh!

  10.  best series yet!


    this series has all the laughs you need and more. even more one liners and hilarious flashbacks by peter. this series is the funniest so far and if this doesnt make you laugh nothing will.