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  1.  Entertaining and enjoyable movie


    I just received this bluray from USA where it had an earlier release, and found the film to be entertaining and funny in parts. Hathaway in particular is excellent. The Bluray has a consistent solid picture, with good blacks and sharp images. Recommended if your a fan of the genre or either of the 2 leads.

  2.  Stunning Bluray. Exceptional


    I have the USA release which has just came out, and have to say that this is the new demo disc. Aside from being a very good film indeed, the picture quality will simply leave you breathless. Amazing colours just leap off your screen in stunning HD. Add to this the style of Danny Boyles mind and you have a real must have film. Worth it alone for the first 20 minutes. Amazing

  3.  outstanding player for the money


    I decided to get a dedicated player to replace my very bulky older PS3. After reading various reviews etc I decided to get this model. All I can say is WOW. Firstly, easy to set up, very slim and the interface is familiar to the PS3. It supports Dolby True HD which I wanted, and the picture quality for blurays is just outstanding. I dont agree with other reviews regarding the noise, as mine is silent. I think the picture quality is better than the PS3 offered, and I cant recommend this highly enough. Oh, and can be made multi-region (for dvd only) through a deperate remote

  4.  Great Feelgood Movie with top star billing


    I got this on bluray (imported), and firstly this is a very good disc with a very good picture quality, and consistent sound. Plenty extras as well to keep you going.
    The film itself never really got thath many great reviews from critics, but I heard plenty of good things from other people so decided to blind buy it and see for myself. its a great film with lots going on and plenty ups and downs. Anne Hathaway and Ashton Kushter in particular are very very good in this. Plenty celebrities who are all very engaging. I whole heartidly recommend this bluray. Wonderful film

  5.  One of the best Bluray discs around


    I have just seen the Canadian Bluray release (which will be the same as the UK), and let me say that the picture Quality will blow you away. I'm not sure what the previous poster watched his on, but read the reviews on the internet. There is not one bad one out there. The scenes look incredible, and if you love the film then you have to own this disc. Re-mastered from scratch they have done an outstanding job with this disc. My order is in for this steelbook, as this is up there with the very best this format has to offer, and I think the film is a cracker too

  6.  Outstanding performances and excellent film


    I bought this film blind, and on the strength of the reviews I had read about. Let me start by saying that the price of 5.99 alone makes this a must buy, as it is a truly wonderful film that is very moving. Anne Hathaways performance in this blows you away, and she is outstanding as the main lead. I dont agree with the other review here, in that I found the films structure and pace just perfect. Its a very moving film, with a few scenes quite disturbing emotionally. The Bluray boasts a fine picture quality, and whilst not demo standards retains a sharpness throughout, with the outdoor scenes in particular very impressive. For the price this is a must buy, if not to see one of the best acting performances from Anne Hathaway

  7.  The Best Looking Blu-Ray ever


    Firstly, this is the most gorgeous looking film yet received on Blu-Ray. Colours are absolutely beautiful and the image is razor sharp. The quality is unbelievable and the sound too is incredible. Simply put, this is top demo material and given that the film itself is a beautifully told story with real emotion involved is a bonus. If you have a bluray player, and HDTV then you have to own this film. The superset is great value with a copy on dvd (for the kids bedroom), a digital copy for the iphone (for the kids in the car). A disc full of extras also keeps the interest. 10/10 in every department.

  8.  Gritty, Hard Hitting and also Awesome


    A blind buy for me based on the Oscar nomination hype. I am so glad I bought this bluray, because it was a fantastic film which (whilst not partucularly entertaining given the subject) is really quite emotional. The movie speaks for itself, and whilst it wont appeal to everyone, it more than held my attention. The Bluray disc itself offers some outstanding visual quality. Yes, this is set in the war torn streets, so the picture can look grainy or hazy in places, but this adds to the atmosphere. There is some stunning scenes that only Bluray can produce, most notably the close ups on the soldiers faces. Outstanding all in all, with my only gripe that Guy Pearce wasn't in it longer.

  9.  Pure Almodovar Gold. A modern masterpiece


    I love Pedro Almodovar's films, and was disappointed to have missed this at the cinema due to illness. I ordered the Bluray and can only say that this did not disappoint one bit. A very moving film with simply outsdanding performances from Penelope Cruz and Jose Luis Gomez. Typically Almodovar has some surprises up his sleeve, and I dont want to spoil the plot, suffice to say that you will not be disappointed. The Bluray boasts some stunning clarity, with the colourful scenes looking awesome so Penelope Cruz has never looked so stunning. I cant rate this highly enough and they have done a great job on the bluray. Light on extras, but the film and quality of disc is 10/10

  10.  awesome disc


    I got mine yesterday and just watched it. I have had no problems at all with the audio as reported by others, its all synched perfectly. I would suggest though possibly looking at your players audio menu as sometimes you can alter it slightly. The disc is fantastic and the picture quality is absolutely awesome. Pin sharp images, and the sound is brilliant. With a great amp it blows you away. A must for all Metallica fans and a great price.