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  1.  Up to much lately?


    Either 'yes' or 'no', I advise you to buy this. It's inexpensive and the money you pay for this game would most likely prove a worthwhile expense on your part.
    Spirit Tracks can keep you occupied for short or long periods of time (and I know from experience, as it has kept me playing it for hours on end some days).
    Musical scores in this game are wonderful. You may possibly hum the tunes that are played even when you're not on the game, they're that catchy.
    Spirit Tracks' story (from an emotional viewpoint) can be strangely evocative at times, as it seems to put much more emphasis on characters and the relationships/ attachments they have to one another. I drew close to tears at a late stage in the game (not through frustration at a boss or something but due to sheer happiness at the outcomes later on, and how far I'd gone through the game) and seemed to have developed an attachment to the characters.
    'Involving' is how I can accurately describe the gameplay. This time the DS engages you and you don't engage it. None of the tasks you are asked to do in the game play as if they are chores. All tasks that it gives you are original.
    Overall, it is better than its former (Phantom Hourglass) and continues to lift my spirits even now, after completion. It's perky and engrossing as are most Zelda games.

  2.  Can many games of the same genre top this?


    I would argue that the answer to that question is no.
    This game is of perpetual interest to me and my friends, and we like to vary our fights on the game so as to use as much of what is available to us as we can. Smash Bros offers such an expansive list of gameplay modes and provides details on many Nintendo (or other) characters that you mightn't have heard of before.

    It's a trophy title; a game that stands out within the gaming industry, and heightens the acclaim of its developers. I defy you not to play this game; its just that great an experience. Pleasure and thrills like no other; Smash Bros keeps on delivering.

  3.  Something decent has come this way


    Again, as with what other's have said, this is superb. The Motion Plus kit and the game as a whole has great depth to it. You can do almost all that you want to with Motion Plus. Although don't be too erratic with it as that may have an effect on the calibration of it. Me and a friend found that it could go a bit awry if you waggled too much.
    Though apart from that small scratch, this diamond of a game remains as a tonne of fun whether you're on your own or together with some friends etc.
    P.S. Speed Slice (a Swordplay game) has an amusing practice mode. Most of the sports are good if you're simply spectating or playing them in full.