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  1.  Good if u like the music


    This movie wasn't quite a success, people say it's just ok and not a great movie. Personally i liked it a lot and some of characters are played by members of heavy metal bands including Gene Simmons of Kiss and ozzy osboure. Let alone the awesome soundtrack all played by the band fastway. I recommend that u buy it only if u like the names i just mentioned. If u are looking for a horror movie buy something else because this is mostly about music.

  2.  classic


    This is a classic star wars game. Although it is a prehistoric game lol due to really old graphics, its enjoyable. The gamer gets the chance to fly a variety of ships such as the millenium falcon and x-wing. I recommend it for star wars collectors but not for any gamer because if you are not a star wars fan you won't like it at all. Nice piece for a collection and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A JOYSTICK! This game doesn't work either with a mouse or keyboard.

  3.  Hibria oh yeah! :)


    Defying the rules is the first and only cd HIBRIA has recorded, i had never heard of them until i found their myspace accidentaly and i heard some of their tracks. First i though they were just ok but when i ordered the cd and i got to listen to tracks like living under ice, Mr faceless in chanrge and stare at yourself i realised that this cd worth every single cent i gave for it and i would pay much more for it. I highly recommend it to power or speed metal bands. Rock on Steel lord on wheels!!!!!!!

  4.  The first and best


    This is the first albumn of Manowar released. It contains masterpieces such as Battle hymn, fast taker and Manowar. A cd that any Manowar or power metal fan should have in his or her collection so if you don't own it, its just 7.99 order it now!

  5.  The best of the best!


    Its a life time opportunity for star wars fans to put themselves in the place of their favourite star wars character. Battlefront is a great shotting game much better than battlefront 2( under my opinion). Republic commando is the best shooting game i've expirienced with good weapons and other features like the special sound effects done by professionals and the tactic formations taht give you full control over your troops. Not even a S.W.AT. game doesn;t have such a coordination amongst the player and the computer controlled assistance. Rated 10 to 10 by me. Believe me its a must have if you want to be a member of clone army Delta team! Empire at war not a game i could die for but star wars fans can really enjoy controlling troops over a large terrain with abandoned bases and landing points you can capture and land more vehicles and troops to conquer the area and destroy the enemy. Jedi academy the best star wars game for actual saber fights. The player can make his own character and lightsaber by choosing from a range of hilts and laser colours. Also, double sided lightsabers or two lightsabers are available.The character can actually perform multiple saber moves and also combo attacks. The use of force is also a great feature of it since you can run extremely fast, jumb high, pull, push and my very own favourites chocking enemy players, draining their life away or releasing a great power of lightning. SWKOTOR is an enjoyable game that includes a huge range of items and materials to make armory, swords, guns and lightsabers. You can create your own character and fly in your own spaceship "Ebon Hawk" and travel to adventures around the galaxy where you find new people to join you and you fight to go to next level( gain exp) and the same time your character grows stronger with more force powers and new abilities. All i've mentioned about these games are personal opinions by me after i've played all of them so trust me this box set of games is a MUST HAVE for any star wars freak! So get it Now and feel the power of the Force!!!!!

  6.  I want its touch of evil!


    One of the best Judas Priest albums and my personal favorite. Tracks like One shot at glory, Leather rebel and touch of evil will explode you to Judas Priest glory! Its a masterpiece you have to include into your cd collection.

  7.  Source of force


    A trilogy box of 4 Dvd's, 3 movies and 1 Bonus material. Three movies of really good special effects, really good actors in three legendary episodes all coming in a nice silver box. 6 Hours of movies and the bonus material showing the creation of those masterpieces, the costumes, the editing etc These are movies you can watch over and over again without getting bored of them, the action of space battles, lightsaber fights and use of force etc. So upgrade your dvd movie collection by adding this box set.If you want my opinion? Order it now!