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  1.  I really really like it!


    (This review is based on the CoD:WaW beta)
    Well i got the beta quite early through the luck of the draw to be honest. And when i first played it i was a bit sceptical as i have only had live for about 2 months and had just got used to COD4 online. Essentially this, so far, is pretty similar to COD4 but as i have noticed the style of play is a lot different. I find it difficult to do well when changing between COD4 and COD:WaW because the difference in the way you play.
    The same, pretty good in my opinion, lobby system is back and the same, very very successful, class and perk system is back. These, obviously adapted for the new game are still here and with the addition of some good but also a few "odd" perks. A point i must make is i dont consider the fact that juggernaut is still in the game as a bad point. I mean, if you cant kill a guy because hes got juggernaut and he kills you then maybe hes better than you or just using a perk to appear better?
    I think the new game types like War and an ever famous game of CTF are really fun and mix the game up a little bit.
    The new maps are quite impressive as well. I don't know what the other guy was saying about them being small, seeing as how they are a lot bigger than a lot of the COD4 maps. One thing i find is that as you might expect on a map, say roundhouse, you would of thought there would have been a lot of places on the map high and low, but really there are limited places of elevation, not a bad point just a possible improvement to be made.
    In summary:
    -Gameplay: Slightly different to COD4 but still really good
    -Graphics: Slight improvement on COD4 but still really really good
    -New content: Good maps, Like the World war 2 style.
    -Lobby: same matchmaking, rank, class and perk system which worked wonders in Cod4
    -Overall: 9.5/10 (cant give it a ten because no game is perfect)

    One point i must make is: Where are the english??? Obviously its the beta so they should appear in the real game but just a bit odd considering they were the main faction in the war.

  2.  Only from the demo


    Well i was on xbox live marketplace and i came across the fifa 09 demo. Now as an average person i have owned a football game but the last one i had was fifa 05. So i decided to check out what was different in the last 4 years.
    Well from the demo not a lot. The graphics obviously improved dramatically, and it generally looks a lot smoother. The kick about in the loading screen although fun for a bit gets a bit rubbish after about 5 minutes. And well the gameplay....... the gameplay is pretty much the same. Like the graphics play is probably alot smoother (touches, passes, etc) but its still the same style gameplay. A lot of running about managing to run through all the defenders and shoot and then mindlessly try to chase after the opponents with one defender constantly slide tackling anyone near the ball.
    Now dont get me wrong, I'm not saying its bad. Of course thats part of what FIFA games are, its what makes them fun.

    Obviously because its a demo i can't really understand how dramatic the changes are, (be a pro funtion etc,) which i havent got a clue about and only being able to play as Chelsea and AC (are the other teams worth playing as) doesn't help. I guess if the demo is supposed to make people get a feel for the game then they have got something wrong. Also another small point is everytime i get into a game the whistle blows and its fulltime leaving me annyoed how id almost come back from 3-2 down on hard difficulty.

    Well to summarise:
    -Classic FIFA, addictive especially with mates and as your favourite team
    - Demo shows little gameplay change from FIFA 05
    - EA could do more to try and bring in more customers
    - I won't be buying it unfortuneately because im contempt with playing with teams 4 years out of date.

  3.  Good Game!


    Well im pretty new to the rainbow six series and have only played vegas1 once before, so i was a bit skeptical when i bought this game.
    Luckily, this risk has payed dividends as i am introduced to game that is a really good all round package. The story although a little vague and hard to follow keeps you playing and the constant change of scenery helps keeps you interested. The gameplay is great and although, according to other reviews, it may not be as tactical as the games in the previous rainbow series, it is the most tactical fighting i have played on the xbox.
    The game makes you think about every move you make, you can't just run and gun, unless maybe you are playing casual. But even on casual it is hard to stay alive while doing it. I think the cover system is really good and is a key part to surviving in most battles you fight.
    I also like the range of weapons available as there are so many. Although most need to be unlocked.
    The A.C.E.S system is probably the best unlock system in a game i have seen in a long time and works well with the level/rank system.
    I like the customization of your player aswell, you are able to pick from a range of armour, clothes, helmets, goggles and masks.
    Somethings i didn't like were the faces. The faces looks a fit fake and don't have that texture in the face that you would find in a different game.
    Next comes terrorist hunt. Well i think again this could act as a substitute to a campaign its that good. You have a variety of levels and its good fun having to work your way round a level hunting all the terrorists. One bug though, often the terrorists spawn by triggers so sometimes you could run past a place and no one will be there then when you come back there could be 1 or 2 enemies and they kill you by surprise.
    Sadly, i don't have multiplayer so i can't really review this section of the game but friends have told me that multiplayer is one of the key elements to the game so it must be good.
    Well now its time to summarise.
    Terrorist Hunt:10/10
    Ranking and A.C.E.S system:10/10
    Good game.

    Oh one last point. Oddly enough, i got this about one or two weeks ago where this edition was priced at £17.99 on play. But then it went off sale for about a week. (i noticed) and now it is back on sale at £39.99 so i was lucky i guess.

  4.  The ball just dropped short of the net!


    Well, Topspin3, the new revelation in the world of tennis video games. Or is it!. Well in my opinion probably. I got the game today and well i popped it in and was surprised. After reading reviews here and official reviews, i was a bit concerned. An average of
    about 7-8/10 on the net usually means a game is OK and im looking for a good game. But after the urge of a new sports game for the xbox and the Wimbledon driving my interest in tennis i decided to go for it.
    First thoughts. Wow! the graphics, are well, great, obviously other games have better graphics but sports games are generally known for their great gameplay but slightly inferior graphics. Anyway i understand graphics don't make a game.

    So onto content, well i started off by heading to the topspin school which although very useful can be extremely annoying when you have to repeat the same shot over because you were "slightly late" on a shot even though it looked perfectly fine. But as i have read it is essential for new players to go through most of it. I have to agree. I think without it i would have been left for dead almost every point against the other players in exhibition if i had skipped the tutorials.

    The player creator. I think is probably one of the best parts of the game. I think for the most part it is just a basic player creator in a sports game. Similar to the tiger woods games etc, but with a bit more depth and choice. But its the sculpt option that really turns this creator into an innovative part of the game. After choosing your favoured features you then have to option to tweak, change, fiddle and modify you person to perfection. No longer do i have to sit in front of my tv making a character on a separate game wishing that my characters nose was slightly different or if the cheeks were defined enough.

    Well onto the gameplay. I haven't tried out tournament mode yet and only played one game on exhibition so i can only really talk about career. At the start after loading my character i head to my first few challenges. And i must admit it took me a couple of tries to beat the first player, after that well it just got easy. A bit too easy, rookie and challenger mode were a breeze and to be honest not much fun. A bit repetitive and simple to play. But when it came to joining the junior tour. WOW! Suddenly im overall 34 and im having to play players with an overall of 45-60 whats going on? i thought. This is where it started to get fun. I was struggling to win my service and i still haven't got past the semi's of the easy tournaments. I thought. This is more like it! Well i think that was a bit more of a story so ill give it a bit of a summary to help you understand my meaning.

    Graphics-9.5/10 - not the best a game has been but top runner for . a sports game.
    Gameplay-8/10 - Career starts a bit too easy and suddenly
    . becomes hard. I like a challenge and like to work . for victory like a true tennis player. Play can get a
    . bit repetitive though.
    Content-9/10- This is stuff the game has that isn't gameplay. Eg the . player creator. Good fun and very detailed.
    Music/Soundtrack -7/10 - Good sound track and lots of good songs. . Docked a few points for annoying parts where
    . song changes due to change in screen etc.

    Overall -8.5/10 - Good fun, a bit repetitive and a real challenge. Best . tennis game out there. Worth Buying!

  5.  A great game.


    Now, this is the first Halo game i have bought. Luckily, all of my friends had decided to go out and buy Halo 1 and 2, so i had plenty of practice and experience with the Halo franchise.
    Overall, all the games are exciting and fun but i really don't see why everyone was getting so hyped for them. They weren't the best games I'd seen. They good, They were very good. Just not my favorite. So when i read all the preliminary reviews and ratings I didn't quite understand why everyone is hyping it up. And now people are just complaining about it. 'Its not what its expected to be' 'I thought it would be better' 'Its boring'.
    Now, as i am at the moment i enjoy spending the odd hour or two when i can on the Xbox. And as i frequent but not addicted gamer i sit down and i play Halo 3. Now the game play is classic Halo and generally in my eyes fantastic. I love the choice of weapons, my favorite being the gravity hammer, and the whole running round fast action shooting of Xbox live thrills me. THe game never gets boring. Thats the one thing that really brought me to buying it. It never gets boring.
    Graphically the game is good. Not Oblivion good or Assassins Creed good but good. Hd is super.

    The storyline is cool and has lots of fun levels including the last one where you have to drive for the carrier. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way. And the final clip. What a twist! The level where i have to rescue cortana really bugs me i don't know why. Lol.

    Xbox live...... Hmmmm what can i say. Its the absolute best. Me and my friends play together a lot. Well, they do. I come on whenever i can.

    Anyway, its ratings time.

    out of 10:
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Xbox live 10/10
    Storyline: 9/10
    Fun factor: 9/10
    Watching you stick your best friend in the head with a plasma grenade and then explode: 1000000000/10 lol

    Good Rep

  6.  I'm Not Convinced.


    Ah yes, its the arrival of the new dynasty warriors game. Number 6, the first game brought out for the next generation consoles and what can i say, i like it. It offers the great playable gameplay that the Dynasty warriors series is famous for. The vast battles with tons of hacking and slashing, something to really release your anger with, and the tough battles against worthy generals. But as i stand back, i see that despite improved graphics, some cool new maps and the helpfulness of horses readily available there isn't much new about this game. For a game that has arrived on Xbox360 and PS3 you'd expect changes from the usual game system experienced on the PS2 version but in some cases it has taken a turn for the worse. Not only have they removed seven characters from the game completely including the famous Nanman characters or one of my personal favourites Jiang Wei, it seems that out of the 41 available characters, you can only play Musou mode with 17. Now as i play through this game I enjoy myself as I unlock a new character only remembering that s/he can't do Musou mode. Now that may not bother some but some of my favourite characters aren't playable in Musou Mode and to be honest Musou mode is the only mode i ever play. It helps level the characters and gives you insight to the storyline and character involvement. Also another con is the fighting styles, a few characters share the same fighting styles, such as Taishi Ci and Zhang He, they make look different but they attack and Musou attack just the same. Is this lazyness? I ask myself.

    Graphics: Not breakthrough but good 4/5
    Gameplay: Always great, Dynasty Warriors clincher 5/5
    Next-Gen Adaption: Really Limited Change 2/5
    New Stuff: Lack of New content 1/5

    I think that the developers have fallen short just because of laziness, not enough time spent developing the game and making it the best it can be or should be.



    An absolute blast. This game is so much fun. From the minute i opened it i couldn't wait to get my hand on some equipment and mow down the zombies. The cases are good and the ability to do whatever you really want really allows you some freedom. I really enjoy using the strangest of things on zombies (lol the Lego hat) and the garden utensils are loads of fun.

    I found one really really really annoying thing about this game. The save system. Now i think ok lets go do a mission. Right ive done the mission ok now lets go round for a bit....oh look a case lets go do a case...... oops i die on the case...oh no i have to restart from before the mission.

    This game could really have done with an autosave feature or at least a respawn setting. You die and thats it restart and it gets a bit tedious having to run to a toilet or the security room every 5 mins because you don't want to lose the progress then restart back from your last save.
    Although i havent tried the save and quit feature yet. Hmmmm..

    anyway an absolute favourite.. if you like zombies and love killing them with absolutely anything then this game is for you. A must buy especially at £15. Lol i bought this as an addition to COD4 and i have played this more than that ^^.

    only 4 stars because of the annoying save system

  8.  Action packed. Excting.


    An action packed movie with lots of explosions and typical bond charm.
    As i stand i do love a good poker game and that added to the benefit of the whole experience. With Daniel Craig playing the new bond he fit the role well and wowed my wife with what seems to be an excellent body.
    This movie was a different take on the bond series and had a different aura to the rest of the films.Not a bad aura. Just a different and good aura.
    Although it was a very successful bond it wasn't classic bond. Though this is true that takes nothing away from the film itself. Explosions, Gunfire, chases, cars and that all important woman.
    The film gets right into the actions and starts with a chase ending in explosions and mass gunfire. Somehow, leaving a cut and bruised Daniel Craig suprisingly unhurt. I feel Daniel has that true british charm which although brilliant some of the former bonds just couldn't acheive.
    An exciting twist at the end really had me puzzled as to the true ending of the film. And because of this I really hooked myself in and when the end eventually came i found myself wanting more and more bond.
    Keep up the good work is all i can say to Martin Campbell and im waiting for the release of the next film.

  9.  An Good Movie I guess.


    Sadly to say, yes i did see this movie. Although i had the 'pleasure' to watch this i did not venture out and pay money for the cinema. Instead, i sat and endured through this film at a good friend of mines. Yes she is a girl.

    Now for a teen film it is not a bad movie. It attracts the group its aimed at. At what can i say, my friend adored it. It had its good bits and its bad bits.
    As a male i have to say it is a female and purely female movie. Im sorry men, but unless you are into chick teenager films this is not for you. Girls, if you are a fan of young teen films with your typical type of plot then you will enjoy this film.
    The movie in general kept me interested, although a quick bathroom break turned into a longer relief from the moive. The girls, well the girls were.. to say nice on the eyes for the boys. IM sorry i had to say it. And yes it was one of the things that kept me interested. But, when i started to evaluate it, yes how sad am i evaluating a young teen film but you know, It has good points. The whole idea of high school cliques and the group that overcomes it, althrough very very unoriginal has always got that heartwarming feeling.
    Guys, like me this film is not for you. Its a chick-flick. We prefer watching men charging in with assault rifles tearing people to shreds and blood splatting across the room but thats just us. lol.
    Girls, you will enjoy this. If you like the average chick-flick with the typical story line. I think there were a few boys, or whatever you like to call them, which catch your eye.

    A note, this has infact nothing to do with the annoying Bratz doll range but uses the names of the characters.
    Overall, an average run of the mill teen film.

  10.  X-box A-Live


    With X-box Live a new style of gaming is created. Fun style. X-box live allows you to connect with other players on the internet and play games on the X-box 360. Most games are designed to be played online and to be honest without it your gaming experience will be severely damaged.

    If you think single player was fun and relish the moment when u vanquish the final boos or complete the last mission of a game then you'll love the feeling of achievement when u crush, smash and obliterate other players on the net.

    With the coming of Halo 3 is the coming of a massive 80 player online battle. Allowing far more people than you can ever imagine play together at once.

    For £40 a year you will definitely want to get this. IF your a true hardcore gamer then the amount of time you spend online compared to the price will seem minuscule.

    A must have for any serious gamers or people who just love to have fun. 5 stars.