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  1.  we got nukes....knives....sharp sticks....!


    Great great great movie love the special edition version. I think everone has seen this movie so no point to leave a real review just wanted to get another five stars in there and if you have not seen you better just be too young! Or have no eyes?

  2.  could be better could be alot worse


    I thought as prison movies go this was a good one. Not a huge fan of the genre you see and did not have high hopes being a brit film they always try to make them too grity and americanised. All in all a good movie with strong cast and acting talent worth a watch but thought the twist at the end let the movie down otherwise it could be a 4 5 star

  3.  great head phones good sound


    in answear to the sort of question another reviewer left, they are meant to have one head phone wire longer than the other because you are meant to put one of them round your head to stop them from pulling.....dummy!

  4.  mini lightsaber in your pants


    Thought that previous sw games were so bad its untrue. Aparantly though they just needed a next gen console to give it the trousers it needed. Great using the force powers great that you can upgrade your character and his abilitys. The gameplay is rather good and the bosses are great fun to fight because of how hard they are. I had to play through the levels a few times to get my character good enough on the harder settings to kill the bosses. Get this game hours of fun better with mates

  5.  best guns and roses since use your illusion vol1


    This is simply a great album such a great new sound with still one of the greatest vocalists of all time. If you were a fan before you should get on with this album, if you are just starting to listen to them start with old stuff first to here who they were before the introduction of new members.

  6.  a man you have to hate, to love and love to hate


    great book all them are. this is a must read to learn where the great harry flashman rose to power and fame from. All these books are amazing to read and pact with historical fact with great story lines and events thrown in for good measure such as fighting at custurs last stand on the wrong side in a dinner suit. you will enjoy this book!

  7.  inconceiveable indeed


    Who could not love, and i mean love this movie classic. And has aundry the giant. Could you have a better yard stick for a fun family movie that is not out of place being watched by a bunch of twenty somethings at four in the morning with a pizza and home made brownies

  8.  very very 80s


    Good film if you like cheesy 80s sci fi spoof. Very funny very strange but worth a watch just for the actors when they were mutch younger but i would say borrow it if you know anyone who actualy has a copy of this film even though it is very cheap not to everyones liking

  9.  could it be any better


    Completed the game have put all my heart soul and spaire time. Game play on par if not better than the first but the story is far supierior and online five co op is the don just get it

  10.  good not grate but it is american just be happy its not u571


    Good film. Watched this while at work (slow morning) and actualy liked it, yes it is not all historicaly correct but what crappy war hero type movie is when it involves our cousins from over the water they love it and so do we always good to laugh at but i would have to recomend this film good one watcher and a good film to watch with the wife or girlfriend bit lovey with good cgi for the budget and shoot downs especialy the zeplin........