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  1.  Legend has it... (Not even worth one star)


    Legend has it that when you watch this your brain melts. Avoid at all cost. I have never seen a more poorly written, directed, acted and edit film. If you can call it a film. At best it only makes you feel cheap and used. At worst you may have suicidal tendancies. But if you cant quite dump your partner, buy them this. They will do the job for you.

  2.  Dont even get me started...


    Completely pointless... If you really hate someone, buy them this.

  3.  Feel...


    Do you like feeling just annoyed and fed up? Buy this. Its nearly as depressing as the first album. Complete waste of money and plastic.

  4.  Waste


    A waste of CD's. The drone of cliche rings out. Avoid at all costs.

  5. Speed



    9 New from  £3.14  Free delivery

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     Feel-good amphetamine Movie of the Early 90's


    Or at least, that is what i hoped. Highly entertaining, and no clichés spared, this movies obvious high budget and hype made it what is it. Buy it if you have ever liked an action movie ever. EVER!

  6.  Meh


    Well, i went into this anticipating something great. I had always liked Ricky Gervais. But if you have seen the live show, then you have accidently heard most of this. Dont let me put you off, if you dont own the Live DVD's buy this. Its Pretty much politcs and animals, and every talk show rolled into one. (Handy!!) Lets face it, all comedians repeat things. But this takes it to extreme's.

  7.  Genius (Geddit???)


    Well, while im sure Dave was only slightly thinking the title would be used to refer to him(Probably) the show and concept are both, genius. Witty and Silly at the same time. Who would have though that radio could be this good.

  8.  One of the Best.


    This is one of the best live acts ive ever seen live and on DVD. A sequence of events unfold and soon, Dave Gorman, is once again travelling for reasons he doesnt fully understand.

  9.  Expensive Coaster


    Why do they keep making american pie's? Do they not want to use their talent and risk making a film that doesnt have the words american pie in? So what that 99% of the cast has changed, So what if its the same joke with two altered words, I forget what my point was. Your money and time is better spent buying a pie, and trying to put it in your dvd player.

  10.  Catcy


    Catchy songs but that is all. Avoid if you enjoy music.