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  1.  A must see war movie


    I read some bad reviews on this, however when I watched it in 3D I did not have any expectations, but I really enjoyed this movie.. It showed the brutality of war, and Soldier's who had lost what they were fighting for any more... that it was a senseless war where the innocent and the people fighting it hated those at the top.. If you like explosions, tiger tanks and hand to hand combat... then watch this film....

  2.  A good suspense film


    I watched this at the cinema, and it was full of suspense and kept me guessing till the end... It had mixed reviews, but I would say watch this film... And if you like taken and his other action films watch this....

  3.  Very Good


    When I first starting watching this I found it quite slow, but I thought stick with it, and found it got better... It shows plenty of blood and betrayal, but found it good to watch, I heard there making a second series as well..

  4.  Addictive Viewing


    I have to admit I watched a few programmes off this on E4. And I liked the fact some of the women hated each other, and Spencer is a total sleeze bag, who only cares about sleeping with women and dumping them after.. Then again I think these people run our country and act stupid like its money, and their family background that got them there.. Typical Conservative voters.. However even though I find what they say annoying and some of them annoying.. its watchable....

  5.  Very Good


    I have just started watching this, and found it to be very good.. Its quite creepy the relationship of a controlling mother not giving her son, Norman much room to move.. However I can tell that anyone that gets in the way of their relationship will be killed... I have not got Sky TV, so will buy this boxset, as i have seen only 2 of these, and i want to know what happens next...

  6.  very funny movie


    I saw this not really expecting anything, but I found it very funny in parts, I am nearly 40 so I was curious about this movie, and I am glad I watched it, these two main characters seem to work well together, and hope they do another film together.

  7.  A Must See


    I wanted to see this movie as I really liked Interview with a Vampire so my expectations were high. This film did not disappoint me, it was full of suspense, and you constantly wanted to know what happens to the main leads. Its a film about a vampire mother protecting her daughter, but it shows how they became vampires. It starts very bloody but I really enjoyed this movie and will buy it for sure... if you liked interview with a vampire, then watch this film... You will not be disappointed..

  8.  The Impossible


    I thought this was a really good film, and more harrowing for the fact it was a true story... Your constantly wanting the main leads to find their family, and it shows the horror of what had been caused. At times I felt I just wanted to cry... I found it very emotional and you constantly want to watch what happens to all the people involved...Anybody thinking of watching it, watch it.. However buy some hankies, because you will want to cry.

  9.  Good Movie


    Not seen a oliver stone film for a while, so thought i would give this a watch.. Its not a bad film, and there is some good action involved. When you watch it you want to keep watching it to the end.. I thought travolta had a weak part and did not stand out, but its worth a watch..