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  1.  Foreign labelled Discs


    The two Batman films if you have already seen them, you will agree are superb and full of action.

    The Blu-Ray disc quality for both films are brilliant - no complaints there. The Steel Book/box I thought was well made and great for your collection.

    However I was very disappointed with the 5 discs in the set. Three of the discs are labelled with foreign language writings on them. I think one is written in French, one is in Italian and the other I could not make out. They all play automatically in English, but all the discs on the display side should have English writing on them, not foreign.

    I buy and collect a lot of the Play. Com steel-books, and this is the first time I have received a set as described above.

    It looks to me as if the company that makes the Batman steel book set for Play. Com has a stock of foreign assorted Batman discs and have just stuck them in this Batman set.

    I have returned my set back to Play. Com for a refund.

    As a consequence of this Batman set, I cancelled 6 other Blu-Ray steel books I had on pre-order sales with Play. Com

    Not happy - Should do better Play. Com

  2.  ** Excellent Cop Movie ** Buy It - 5 Stars *****


    Just watched this film, and like others who have commented, I had never heard of this film before!

    Also wasn't expecting much from it. But pleasantly surprised how good this cop movie is! Keanu Reeves performance is first class . Excellent Film - Excellent Storyline - Excellent acting from Keanu Reeves.

    Buy this film - You will want to keep it in your collection.

    Top 5 star rated film *****

  3.  **** Great New Version of Robin Hood ****


    Blu-Ray Quality - 5 Stars for Picture & Sound...
    I give a further 5 Stars for the Film itself.

    I have just watched this very impressive version on the Robin Hood Tale. The film is Action Packed and tells a great historical story of Robin Hood before he becomes famous as the outlaw. The film definitely keeps you entertained from start to finish, and you really don't want it to end.

    It is different than the normal versions of Robin Hood, but this tale is very interesting, entertaining and is great to watch.

    I always believe that after you have watched a film, if you immediately feel that you could watch it again. Then that is the definite Mark of Approval for the film. I will definitely watch this film again & again. Brilliant

  4.  *** A Fantastic Film about the Young John Lennon ***


    A well made and produced biography style story of John Lennon in his teenage days. This is a must watch for any John Lennon Fan. It takes you back to the1950's in Liverpool, where John grew up, living in Mendips, Menlove Avenue, Liverpool. There will be a few facts in the film that will surprise you. A thoroughly good 1 hour & 45 mins of viewing. At the end of the film, you will be wishing it continued further into the Beatles life. Hopefully they will make another film to continue the story. A Great Viewing. Very interesting.

    5 Stars - Buy It - What a great price. Much Cheaper than I paid..

  5.  *** A Brilliant Film to Watch *****


    Please ignore the latter critic's negative reviews. This film is brilliant and a must see movie. It starts as you must be aware of a very disturbing event which takes place. The Writer, Producer and Director of the film have made a very creative and imaginary story which they have told very well. It is truely exceptionally film which will have you crying in parts. You will be wishing and wanting certain further events to take place throughout the film. I want spoil it for you. Buy this DVD you want regret it. 5 Stars Rated Top Film.. *****

  6.  *** Great Film ****


    Just bought and watched this film, it is absolutely brilliant. I really enjoyed this action fight movie. The main actor who plays the Ninja Assassin is very good. The storyline is also great and the fight scenes are exceptional. The testament of a really good movie is to ask your self at the end of the film. Do I want to watch this film again? If the answer is yes, then you have just watched a good or great film. I think you will want to watch this film more than once.
    It is a really good action film.
    5 Stars ***** Brilliant.

  7.  *** Very Good Film ***


    I saw this film the other day on TV. I was not expecting a good film. I was very surprised how well made this film was. The film production was very professionally done. It was very well acted by the Hitman Star Timothy Olyphant . The story is really good for this type of film. The action was brilliant. This is a must for your DVD collection - Buy It now

  8.  An OK Film - Not Great


    When this film won all the Oscars, I expected it to be great film to watch. It was not a great film - it was not even a very good film. Okay it may be styled in a documentary format, but it certainly does not entertain you. It is watchable but that is all. Once you have watched this film you will never want to view it again. I would wait for it to come on the TV. 3 Stars ***

  9.  Outstanding Film


    Avatar is terrific film, a million times better than The Hurt Locker which I thought was average. Avatar is a very enjoyable movie. A thoroughly enchanting storyline that entertains you until the end credits. Once the film does end you will simply want to watch it again. A Brilliant Film that should have won those Oscars.
    Buy it - 5 Stars *****

  10.  Excellent Film


    I saw this film in the cinema, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting & entertaining storyline. Both main actors were outstanding as Holmes & Watson. Buy it. 5 Stars