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  1.  A good spy uses cover


    I had to write this review. There are so many commercial reviews on the web that do this game injustice. I have been playing this since the start of January 2011 after wanting to play something based around the wiki leaks stuff. TBH, I spend most of my time asking "how can people say this a bad game ?!!?!" Sure, there are a few bugs, but nothing that renders it completely unplayable. The story is brilliant - a mixture of 24, Zeitgeist, and other conspiracy/ spy stuff. It is in no way generic. I guess if you played this as an action game you would be slightly disapointed, but at its heart it is a traditional RPG with great story telling and plot changing descions to make. I have played other Obsidian games before and wasn't too impressed ( KOTR2) but this is fantastic. As the title of this review suggests, this game uses bad reviews to hide a classic of a game. The only thing that lets it down is that it received such bad press that I dont think there are any plans for a sequel :( . Also, when I was watching the making of for this game, alot of the speech sounded like they were talking in an echoy room - I can assure you this has been fixed.
    Downsides are : Dodgy AI at times, Menus sometimes pop up for no reason.
    Kind of like the child Mass Effect and MGS would produce if they decided to hook up and make babies :)

  2.  Does not need dongle


    Great dvd player. Have been reading the reviews for this device and it gets high ratings everywhere. The prices range from 99 to 189 depending where you look.Buying so can access Lovefilm in the living room without having to move ps3 around and change wired settings to wifi. It can be region unlocked for dvd, not blu ray.
    If you want to connect to internet you dont HAVE to buy the dongle. The other option is to buy 2 power over ethernet plugs (about 35) plug one in next to your router and connect the ethernet cable to the router port. Then, plug the other in where your player is and connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the player. Hey presto! More secure than wifi and more stable. Power over ethernet works the same as those baby monitor devices do. They also work with any other internet enabled devices ps3,xbox etc that have ethernet ports. Great for those wifi blackspots. Hope this helps!