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  1.  Great Kinect Racing Game


    This game IS very similar to Mario Kart but has extras such as performing stunts while in mid air and seeing your in-game photos after each race. The Kinect motion sensor is very accurate and the only flaw i've found so far in Joy Ride is if you crash and accidentally go the wrong way it's very difficult to do a U-turn and can cost you the race!

  2.  Awsome Game! Fallout Fans will love it!


    Firstly to anyone new to the Fallout franchise. This is a RPG (Role Playing Game) and a FPS (First Person Shooter). It is a free roaming game, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything! You have several choices of what to say in conversation when you meet new people which can affect the outcome differently and you even have a karma level. Be bad, get treated bad. Be good, get treated well. Secondly, for previous Fallout players. Here are some the improvements, in my opinion. You get to repair your own stuff, so if you have 2 shotguns for example. You can use the parts from the one in poorest condition to repair the other. Very handy when you find yourself in battle or overcumbered. Small bits of plant life have started to grow in the wastelands and these can be used for medical recipes. You can recycle ammo using empty cartridges and the right ingredients. Gamble on roulette, black jack and slots in numerous locations. Storyline is great and the game seems more vast than fallout 3. Companion Mode is very handy and makes battles easier with the help of a friend. AI friend that is! Not sure if Area 51 will be included in the game yet. If not then i'd imagine it will be a likely addon later down the line. All in all 5/5 great fun and it should keep all new players going until Christmas!

  3.  Best Game I have played


    This is a very original game and by far the biggest game I have ever come across. Apparently there are 200 or more locations to discover and after maybe 150 hours gameplay - I have discovered little over 60. Due to the probable amount of time it would take me to do every side mission, I have now resorted to sticking to the main story line and getting it completed so I can move onto another game. This is still the best game I have played though. For anyone thinking of buying it, if you do then look out for tranquility lane in the main story line - SUPERB!!!!

  4.  The MOTHER of all feel-good movies.


    This movie is an absolute delight, and can be watched over and over again to the same enjoyment. It is a comedy, a double romance and even better, based on a true story. If someone told you the plot outline for this film, your first reaction would be "How can they make this story interesting?" but believe me when I say, after watching this movie you will feel your two hours were very well spent.