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  1.  One word: Shocking


    i have never been so emaressed to have a friend over and make of all this hipe for a game and be so let down, i ended up turning it off as it is soooo bad, not worth 10.00 in my opinion as i would rather buy 4 games at 10.00 each then buy this rubbish, when you look at dead space and graphics for the future this looks like it should be on ps2, god damn it im so annoyed.

  2.  Big dissapointment


    was really looking forward to this and when you compare it the other games in the metal gear series it just seems very computerised and when you see an enemy you dont run to hide a divert there attention its just a case of slice slice slice and move on, one thing i cant stnd in this game and other games is when you kill someone why does the body dissapear and in this his game they explode, body vanishes and a squirt of blood and even that vanishes so the floor is always bloody tidy, it has a hint of devil may cry too it in ways you can attack in mid air and so on- youll have to play it to understand all the reviews and points that people make but ive rather spend 40 pounds on crysis 3 or just wait to play the ne metal gear.

  3.  not very good for your money


    its average but i finished it in 4 hours, i rented this from blockbuster and returned it the same day i was so gutted- this is not worth the full price and is not the sort of game you wanna play again and again.

  4.  Homefront


    Absolutely dreadfull, i was so disappointed at this game it really is terrible

  5.  sucker!!!


    Baby doll the main character is soooooo hot!!!!! i wish my girlfriend was wearing that outfit she wears lol

    Film is awesome, definitely going to buy it.

  6.  Killzone 2


    Amazing, best game ive played for long time, really gets you in the battle mood if youve got surround sound, there is a few glitches in the game like when it saves to your hdd it tends to freeze and there is a few times when it takes a while for things to happen. There is also in game swearing and it really is real life. Definitely recommend this game for any gamer and for a game that weve all been waiting for its bin a pleasure. P.s i did it in 12 hours.