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  1.  Rockstar do it again...


    Being a fan of Rockstar games after playing the Grand Theft Auto series and Red Dead Redemption I knew I would have to buy this. Although this doesn't live up to their open world games, Max Payne 3 is a solid, and amazing third person shooter.

    Bullet time and shootdodge are at the centre of the gameplay, these are great but shooting normally is basic and rather difficult.
    Being developed by Rockstar, story is at the core of Max Payne 3, it may be well told and have a fantastic script, but it doesn't reach the level of Red Dead Redemption.

    Max Payne 3 is a brilliant game, the single player story is intriguing while the multiplayer is equally good. Whether your a fan of Rockstar, previous Max payne games or third person shooters, Max Payne 3 should satisfy.

  2.  Quality vs Quantity


    With over 300 hours, Skyrim gets 5 stars in terms of Quantity. However, a basic combat system, mediocre graphics and numerous technical issues bring this down to its deserving 4 stars.

    Skyrim gives you limitless freedom from the beginning, with you deciding who you want to be, what to do and when you want to do it. With the all of this taking place in a vibrant world with varying environments.

    You spend most of the time completing quests, these can vary from fighting a civil war to resolving a love triangle. When not carrying out these, you can make weapons and armour, buy houses and you can get married if you choose to do so.

    Skyrim is fantastic, whatever your doing in it. It is just a shame that minor annoyances keeps it away from that extra star.

  3.  Weeping and Reaping


    The final installment in Bioware's action RPG is the best yet. Action has been improved with the ability to mod weapons and improved melee. Storytelling is great with moments that are actually moving, something that is rare in games. Despite this the game builds up to a climax that is extremly disappointing, and an ending that forgets the other games.

    Co-op is fantastic with four people taking on waves of enemies, although this sounds simple and nothing new, it is a great extension to the single player campaign.