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  1.  Decent game, no issues


    I had no issues on an ATI 5770 gpu, after installing 11.10v2 drivers from AMD the game ran on full spec 1920x1080.

    Decent story ( based on a novel) graphics are great, gameplays fantastic, AI and character animation are very good.

    The people complaining of it being a console port are wrong, the whole issue happens because of the new pc developed technology not working with certain gpus.
    My friends have the following cards and played without problem, 5770,5650,6850,6970 and a 560 and 580, and they all worked no problems. I'm sure the game will run on most systems now the patch is out.

  2.  Perfect 2 Watt speaker lightweight portable huge battery.


    I originally bought this for use on my net book as the inbuilt speaker was sub par.

    It works brilliantly on my net book very loud and very clear this is a lot better than those larger speaker sets which use disposable battery's that I've used in the past.

    It's size is minuscule it's smaller than the palm of my hand and fits neatly in my pocket but when it's in use it's volume is ridiculously high, the clarity holds out to high volumes and doesn't distort at all.

    As a test I plugged it into my mp3 player and was impressed again by it's clarity and volume, it fills a room with sound even above people talking.

    Originally I was going to buy one of these and if it wasn't loud enough I'd buy 2 and use an audio splitter but now I don't need to, it's amazingly loud for something so small. highly recommended a truly innovative little product.

  3.  I've had skull candys before but these ones were terrible.


    I've had a pair of smokin' buds and a pair of ink'd earbuds before, both broke after about 3-4 months but were good while they lasted.

    However these ones where terrible sound quality no where near the clarity of the other skull candy's.

    also the small silver mesh inside my left bud fell out into my ear, it's made of a thin hard metal and measures around 3mm luckily it didn't get stuck but that could've been a trip to the emergency room pretty poor build quality in my opinion.

  4.  Best book I've ever read


    It felt as though I was being spoken to directly by Marcus and his message was powerful and heart felt.
    I've kept up with Cory Doctorow's blog for the past few months and I really appreciate his contribution in all that he does.

    I felt like Emailing Cory Doctorow to tell him how good his book was, but I've decided not to, but instead to give friends my copy to read and post 5 star reviews and blog about his book in the hopes that more people will read it.

    I'm 19 years old and I live in Scotland and I often feel that People don't listen to young people and it's only now that I'm breaking into adulthood that people will listen to me and realise that I can form a valid opinion, this book highlighted a lot of the problem I feel I face by being a young adult however the story's protagonist faces these problems in more dramatic ways, than I can ever imagine.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels they have faced a situation in which your freedoms have been taken away and you've felt restricted by lack of privacy and freedom of expression.

  5.  Avoid this expansion


    If you liked neverwinter nights 2 then should buy this aswell because its more of the same poor gameplay bad story and demanding system specifications.
    Having said that if your pc had trouble running nwn2 then this expansion actually improves the runspeed of your game ever so slightly i went upfrom 45fps to an average of around 55fps, although it could just be the new content. Heaven only knows why they didnt improve the system specs of the original game hardly seems fair to have to spend more cash to improve a game that you paid for fair adn square

  6.  A good game, Fairly short in length, lacking replay value


    Well if you already have force unleashed for another console, I would not recommend buying the Wii version.
    The Nintendo Wii version is somewhat lacking in the high graphics of the 360 version and doesn't have the same physics and artificial intelligence, this makes the force powers a bit monotonous compared to the other versions.
    The game itself features an all new storyline which was really entertaining and the gameplay is still alot of fun, but the game does feel its lacking something.
    The multiplayer is 2 players Versus mode. so no co-operative mode here.
    I felt a significant drop in framerate when playing multiplayer mode, escpecially if certain abilitys were used.

    I'd give this game 65% its short and not too replayable, a sort-of "been there done that" kind of game.

  7.  Earphones+ 3 sets of Earbuds. This is the best product.


    The Skull candy Earphones are remarkably good for the price, they came with 3 sets of earbuds, 1 attached to the main earphones which is medium size and 2 spare sets, one spare set is 1/2 size and the other is a large size.
    If you find a good setting on your equalizer youd be hard pushed to tell if these where 10 pound or 100 pound, the quality and clarity of sound is fantastic.
    They are also extremely comfortable in your ears, the small buds i havent tried, but i think they will be even more comfortable than the larger ones and give better quality as the earphone is closer to the ear with the small ones.

    Good product 5 stars :D

  8.  Best game on wii to date


    I've completed this game atleast 3 times now, and its a packed game with plenty of unlockable side mission and minigames to keep you amused for hours, storymode takes roughly 26-32 hours depending on skill level and the puzzles aren't too difficult, you dont need to be smarter than your average bear to defeat the bosses but a great sense of satisfaction comes with every fight XD

  9.  Good batterys do the job.


    a fair price and good batterys they last a long time in my digital camera taking way more pictures than i hope for

  10.  Fantastic game a must for wii owners.


    The replay value and ammount of content is unreal, mutliplayer is a must for this game and online play is fantastic. i would recomend this game to any style of gamer be you fps rpg or hack and slash, the sheer fun value brings everyone together :D