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  1.  Mario 3d land


    Fantastic 3ds game , this game will make nintendo a lot of money world wide selling 3ds consoles,
    The 3d on this game is fantastic i set it on the low on the 3d slider bar switch, level design is very good, there are 12 worlds with many hidden extras, 10/10

  2.  Steel diver


    This game has a lot of low rateings because of its size etc. But i got this because its different, i think its a great launch game for the 3ds ,the 3d is great its played with the pen,uses the gyro on the 3ds for the scope , it plays at a slow pace & is a type of simple strategy sim.

  3. F1 2010

    F1 2010


    5 New from  £4.86  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.63

     F1 2010 codemasters


    Fantastic raceing at your finger tips,,

    At first it may seem inpossible to to play , switch on the driveing aids , learn the tracks, get a wheel if you can , then slowly switch off the car aids if you are confident , but you will spin in the wet.

    Fantastic wet weather effects that only codemasters seem to do the best.

  4.  Child of eden


    Great on rails shoot em up , if you liked REZ on the x box arcade or on the ps2 , dream cast, you will like this, its gets very hard mid way through & you have to pre plan in your mind & work out how to shoot certain areas before you get there if you are stuck. I have played it on the standard controler & have no problems with this, worth 15 to 18 pounds & no more , order from play & get the t shirt if you can . It also looks & sounds fantastic in 1080p hd with dts suround. Jim cunneen, manchester.

  5.  Samsung galaxy s2


    i own an ipad & was going to get the iphone 4s looked very closely at the s2 & the iphone4S & but i got this phone as it has much stronger glass on the front panel ,you can get to the battery if needed,the plastic back is abs & will not break & it fits very snug , the screen is very good the best ive seen as its bigger & easy to read , all round i think this is far better then the over hyped iphone4s. 10/10 for this phone , i use it on voda phone.

  6.  God of war


    Great looking Over hyped game in most areas,but there are a lot of hit or miss platform style jumping which gets very boring, also you come across the same type of ememys over & over again,but it is a must finish game & keeps calling you back.

  7.  Black ops


    Awesome zombe action in multiplayer , full marks to play.com for pre order.

  8.  robots


    a very well made film , from the makers of ice age, outstanding dvd picture -sound etc. love this flim 10/10.

  9. De Blob

    De Blob

    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £5.31  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     de blob


    great game great FUN to play ,love this wii game i got this at launch
    because it was not like any other game out there. well worth 7.99

  10.  heli misson


    i got this on launch day in the u.k this is a great product you can launch the heli even when the truck is moveing if you have the space.
    truck has auto power down,you get spare tail rotors & fitting tool.