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  1.  A dramatic down turn of events


    Let me start by saying that DT are my favourite band and the musicianship is outstanding as always. However this is where my praise ends. The Mix in this album is poor, bass and drums are low in the mix leaving a lack of power to any track. Top end feels thin and keys monopolise the mid range and feel empty.
    The melody lines and hooks are somewhat lacking compared to other albums by DT. Then we come to the BIG one. No Portnoy! Mangini is an amazing drummer (I say this as a stick man myself) but his style is far removed from MP and this has completely altered the "feel" that guides the band. The Drums have now lost their voice and been replaced with fast heavy beats. MP complimented the melody line Mangini doesn't. in essence the "Theatre" has gone. There are moments that attracted but they were brief and fleeting.
    A new era has started and some will prefer , others wont. But i love Prog rock , this album isn't enough for me. Lets hope this is a blip and we can return to normal Awesomeness with their next offering.

  2.  Poor.


    This is an amazing story that has been trashed by the movie. Read the book, See it at the theater, but forget this movie.

  3.  Over hyped


    A fantastic cast, all of whom play their parts well. For its day it is undoubtedly a monumental film. However as a movie buff I felt that this was one of those films that had been hyped up so much that it couldn't deliver on the legend that it has become. Denfenatly one to watch but dont expect something that will blow you away or you might feel the same as me, let down. Enjoy it for what it is, an old classic.

  4.  Fantastic...but....


    A truly fab live concert. But the sound quality lets it down. You are presented with a raw unballanced sound. This means you cant hear the true greatnes of the band, this means they sell themselfs short. However one you must add to your collection.

  5.  A Move in a new direction


    This album didn't do it for me. Rush's move from prog rock to radio tunes really was a let down. Although it would be a good album for most bands it really isnt up to the musicianship of such an ammazing band like rush. I wouldn't suggest this as your first album in your collection as there are more definitive ones to listen to. If you like prog try 2012. If you like shorter punchier songs try grace under pressure. You can always come back to this album in the future.

  6.  Epic, but to shallow


    Firsly this is an epic game thats fantastic to play. But if your into rpg games you will feel its far to short. It took me 1 good day of playing it and its all finished. If you like your greek myth then you will cringe at certain story lines as they are not true to the myth. Its actioned packed from the word go but yet again its far too easy to pound your foe into the ground. Overall fab game worth the money. ( Also look at mass effect if you like rpg)

  7.  One of the best!


    This album is fantastic. With very cacthy hooks on every song along with ( as always ) a great veriation of rhythum and feel. I think this is eaisly the strongest album as a hole that RUSH have done.

  8.  i got it , igot it.........i aint got it


    This movie is a ball from start to finish. If you like Mel Brooks then rest asured that you will love this film.
    Have fun!

  9.  A music Masterpiece


    If you are a music lover then buy this album. If you love differant styles of rythum and melodies then buy this album. If you want to expand your music tast then buy this album.If your only interested in HipHop then get a life, buy this album! It is a masrepiece like it or not.

  10.  Spectacular


    This is one of the best games i have ever got my hands on. I have completed the game several times and still find it exciting. A must have.