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  1.  Amazing


    The Great Gatsby is my favourite book for many reasons. The story is timeless and the authors writing style takes you into the heart of the story. You really feel for the characters, and hope that everything will work out for them, you become invested in the story.
    Well worth the read!

  2.  Third Time Terrific


    The third in the series following Heather Wells ex Teen Popstar. A great read perfect for just a relaxing day on the beach or in the garden. Very funny and keeps the suspense as do the other titles in the series.

  3.  Awesome


    A great twist on the peak cap arrived quickly and have started wearing it already. With frayed edges it looks authentically worn.
    As always with Animal clothing, high quality and a superb style.

  4.  Great Fun


    A great game from the cheap chart for the Wii, unfortunetly could have done with a little more money spent on it due to a little bit of loading difficults and audio discrepincies but overall great fun.
    You feel like one of the team as you search for clues to solve the murder.
    I only started watching CSI after playing this game so it definetly reels you in.
    And plus its not just for me (19) my mum can even play it! So the controls are very simple and easy to move about with. A great interactive solve it game.

  5.  Great


    Katherine Heigel is wonderful in this, showing a different side of her abilities to those we know from her role as Izzie Stevens in Hit US Drama Grey's Anatomy.
    Knocked Up keeps up with the hit comedies we've come to expect over the last few years and Judd Apatow directs sublimely.
    A wonderful true to life story of misunderstanding and one nights stands.
    A great movie worth the money and doesn't disppoint the audience.

  6.  Not breathtaking


    This was the first of the Spiderman movies I've seen and I have to say I was pretty disppointed. Acting from the lead was well.. pretty pants, and his voice? It just gets so annoying as the movie goes on. The CGI and graphics are amazing, and it's an overall good film. It's just not a must see.

  7.  Sci Genius


    By far the most action packed season of the series sees the SG1 team battle a whole range of problems, from Science Geek Felgers who manages to mess up the stargate network *with a little help from Ba'al*, to the cliff hanger ending for O'Neill.
    Any Stargate Fan must purchase this box set.
    Immense action from CGI in the last two episodes show that this movie spinoff series really deserves to rank up there with the best Sci fi programs.
    And O'Neill is as hot as ever.

  8.  Great!


    Wonderful action, fast paced, and keeps you guessing until the end. Brilliant humor included as we've come to expect from Ms. Cabot. And the best thing is there is a sequel out too! Can't wait for mine to arrive.
    A brilliant start to what should be an amazing series.