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  1.  Very Good


    Top film.....
    would have been better without Liam Neeson and someone else in there. FACT!!

  2. Thor



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    Great looking film. Some top fight scenes and surprisingly good casting although a better chick than Natalie Portman would have raised the standard.
    Smashing a bridge down with a hammer?! Aye that's good enough for me!!

  3.  Canny!!


    Top film, well made, good fight scenes and Tom Hardy can do no wrong!
    Nolte isn't as good as people are making out and the ending is so cheesey it could have been sponsored by Dairylee!!!
    Kurt Angle for an Oscar!!!!!!

  4.  Simply Awesome!


    This is possibly the best sporting documentary I've ever seen. (In my opinion)
    The passion these guys show for their sport is truely inspiring. They know the dangers, they accept them and will not go any slower dispite them. Summed up by "Life isn't a rehearsal, you get one lap, may as well make it a good one"
    You do not have to be a bike fan to appreciate this for documentary for what it is... Mind blowing.
    A must see!!! Buy it, sit back and enjoy the ride!

  5.  Mindless fun


    Very average storyline, script and acting but who cares?
    It doesn't try to be anything it's not.
    To judge this film on the afore mentioned faults is ridiculous.
    This is an all action, mindless blast and highly recommended to anyone, just don't expect to watch a film as deep as Atonement or meaningful as Passion of the Christ and you'll enjoy every second. Especially Lovejoy as the hard old guy. Genius!!! Enjoy