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  1.  Terrible - Some great actors though


    Initially got excited about a UK based serial killer flick - so gave it a go regardless of the fact that Tulisa is in it.

    Now the film is poor in pretty much every sense of the word, the storyline is so shallow and somewhat ridiculous. The events, or murders are not very menacing and you never really see any good deaths.

    This film is aimed at a younger crowd who maybe fixated with the likes of Tulisa etc, but know this, she is in the film for a whole ten minutes, and the fact that she is on the cover, considering her character is pointless and does not add anything to the film - that should say it all really.

    There are some really great young British actors in this though and if it wasn't for their great portrayals, then I would not have even given it 1 star.

    Good film if you're 12.

  2. New Wave

    New Wave

    Against Me - CD

    8 New from  £7.31  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.82

     Awesome a grower


    heavily anticipated this album for months with surefire hits "white people for peace" and "up the cuts" i was really excited. First listen was slightly disappointing and felt a little let down. After crying about the issue of "have they sold out?" i decided to give it a second chance as all of Against me albums are immense. This second chance was all i needed to realise how great this album actually is, with combinations of old school Against me tracks and a several new and equally as awesome ones. My advice, buy it, listen to it once or twice. give it a day or two, listen to it again, enjoy the genius and be content with Tom Gables amazing lyrics mixed with balls out guitar and an attitude you can't argue with.

    I love this album now and it hasn't left my CD player for almost two weeks now.

    Respect to the band and thank you for giving us another amazing album, hope there is many more to come.