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  1.  Title is perfect


    Now im not a heavy reader, infact, its pretty rare for me to read a book at all to be honest, i picked this up before i went on holiday this year, I had read it in 3 days. It is, page to page gripping action. Non stop,Graphic & The story is fantastic. im sure this would make a great movie. I loved it.

  2.  So So Enjoyable


    Ok so this game has its flaw's, like the Lack of fighting move's and the lack of free roam activity. but for me, i work more than a fulltime job, so in the evening's i want a game that i can just relax and play, and this game is it, im currently on the last level, as i was to tired to finish it last night, Yeah its quite short too but i will play through it again to collect everything that i missed this time round.

    The clips in-between levels are like a Mafia movie, the commentary between each character is fantastic, charming and funny. I just wish they would explain some bits of the story better.thats my only real complaint! But I've loved this game, Couldnt put the controller down most of the time!!

  3.  Fantastic = huge smiles all round!!


    Such a great band to listen to, there just great fun! Trust me if you like a relaxed party beat, fun lyrics and just all round great listening, you will like these.

  4.  epic


    yep it made me cry, im a 20 year old lad and i was watching it on the plane to america, and yep, couldnt hold back the tears, Damn you human feelings!

    if your a MANLY MAN ie, someone that try's to be the cool kid, ul hate it.

    If you just enjoy a good movie, you'll love it.

    if you have a dog/had a dog, prepare for tears haha

  5.  What a movie


    i love it. So funny. Buy it. For the price it is, you cant really go wrong. so doooo it!

  6.  Brilliant, as will would say.


    Its Fantastic, Such a refressing breath of fresh air to Television & British comedy.

    I have not laughed this hard all the way through an tv series from britain since faulty towers

    The Comedy is CLEVER & i just cant explain the new vocabulary i have thanks to JAY !

    Its Brilliant, i Advise Anyone of any Age (over 14-they've herd everything by then anyway.) to buy this and watch it, its so so funny.

  7.  WHAT?


    People For god sake, it irritates me so much when i read "its not much different from vegas 1"

    What more do u want?

    Its a continuation!, Why change somthing if its already brilliant????

    the improvments that have been made such as sprinting and co-op story is much better, Lag? What? i havnt had lag so far and ive had it from release date, dont blame the game if your internet connection is poor!!

    The game is brilliant. The Graphics ARE Better, dont listen to what ever idiots say they arnt, its crisp fun fast gameplay.

    and the terrorists still have the same funny sayings, which makes it brilliant!!

    My Girlfriend hates the game, because it gets more attention than her, and For that reason, i love it!!

  8.  i bet this gets a negative review


    I Bet many sad people will give me poor feedback or whatver, but this film is Hilarious, so so funny if you want to chill back with some m8s, some beers, and some laughs, buy this compliments a great evenin.

  9.  Mind Blowing


    Best Call of Duty ever? Yep, Best FPS Ever? Yep, Does this game make Halo look like absoult Crap? Yep

    Best FPS Ever! I cant get over how stunning the graphics are, how beautiful the story is and how the feeling of shooting the terrorists makes u feel of not much more than a God of the xbox, it is just to much fun, breath taking graphics/story line

    a Must own.

  10.  360


    This is the Best Console i have ever played, i cant get myself off of Xbox live absoult gaming Heaven !!
    Honestly if you dont buyone for these prices, you are a fool because they are absoultly fantastic!