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  1.  Other games -- hmpffff Call of duty -- HORRAYY!!!


    One of the games I recieved for my birthday two months ago. To describe this game in one word would be = ABSOLUTLY SUPERB. Other games have been pushed to one side and this one has been pushed to the front. Campaign mode was as good as can be for a single player mode. Great effects,, great storyline and great characters.
    The online is magnifficent. From the basic modes such as Team Deathmatch to Free-For-All. It also includes new modes such as Headquarters (capturing a certain point and defending it for a certain time) and Search and Destroy (Destroying or Defending certain points on the enemys territory). These game modes however are not just random no point tasks. The more points or XP you recieve the better upgrades you also recieve for weapons or armoury. The main point is to come higher and higher on the world rankings or within friends leaderboards.


  2.  Film = Marvolous! Game = Terrible!


    Once again the game is always worse than the film. Why does this always happen? The graphics were fantastic and the way it was planned out was amazing (you can play as the autobots or deceptacons). The game starts to get repetative as all you ever do is beat some robots up. How childish!

  3.  Doctor dissapoints more like!


    Well the first two episodes (Fathers Day & The Long Game) are so very boring. After bugging and bugging my mum to buy them for me I was let down. The episodes were slow-uptaking and the story line went down the pan a bit.
    However Empty Child and Doctor Dances are brilliant. Very scaring and so exciting. John Barrowman enters as the highly charming admirer of Rose Tyler. Absolutly brilliant. Warning: Dont watch infront of younglings.

  4.  Wicked dude! So life like.


    Build a house and then live in it. But it isn't that simple. You have to stick to a budget and keep yours sims happy and healthy. Can actually help for later life when you have your own house as you can practice sticking to a budget and getting a job to pay your bills.

  5.  Why does everyone lie?


    Disappointment surged through me as I read the first chapter and it has been left in my cupboard since that very day. Their was a difficult to learn story line which was so unrealistic. A plane crashes on an island which is delivering some boys from a school to a country for a school trip. The boys dont even leak a tear or get worried once. How unrealitic!

  6.  Suprised!


    After seeing Shrek 1 & 2 I was so excited to think another one was going to be released. But when i went to see this film at the pictures i did not laugh once. The jokes were sooo rubbish i was begging for the film to finish so i could get the hell out of the cinema. Not worth the trip to the cinema and must - not see film. Although this film had some story line this is the only good point I find.

  7.  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a fantastic game!


    Roaming around the city can get a bit boring. But it certainly doesnt get boring when you have the powers of superman. Fly around at super speeds, picking up cars and rubble with super strength, burn with your heat vision, turn things to ice with your icey breath and blow car and enemys away with the power of wind from your lungs. Wowza! Buy this game and you will recieve at the least of 5 hours enjoyment. This was my best birthday present and certianly will be one of my top games from now on. The reason i gave it only 3 stars was because it started to get the same thing over and over again after about the 5th chapter. Kill some dragons..put out a fire...kill some dragons...put out a fire. But all in all a wonderful game. (Can't say anything against the effects).

  8.  Waste of money!


    The film was brilliant. The effects in the film were brilliant which sometimes gets into your head making you think "Oh my god theres a game coming out. This is going to be brilliant". How mistaken i was. The lines from the characters were about as cheesey as my nans feet and the graphics were about as good as a playstation 1 game. This game only refers to the movie at least 3 times and the setting changes 4 times but i dont quite understand why the effects were worse than the first fantastic four game. This game gives you (at the most) 10 minutes enjoyment and finally you will become very bored.

  9.  **Yawn** **Yawn** and guess what **Yawn**


    This will have you cramming it back into pakaging to send it back. A boring adventure which you lose track of half wy through and has you wondering what the hell is happening. Please do not buy it. Although the case looks great. **Yawn**

  10.  Pockets in a wedding dress.


    Mr David Tennant is once again greatly playing the part of mysterious Doctor who. Fabulously funny this will have you cracking up the whole way through beggining - end. Catherine Tate plays Donna Noble (who will also play Doctor new assistant in Series 4) who suddenly appears in the Tardis itself while still in flight. Bamboozled by this the Doctor investigates and finds that Donna is a key. A key to bring a monsterous race back into existance. A must see episode with truely amazing effects.