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  1.  Very adictive


    JP: Operation Genisis is one of the best, if not the best, Simulation (park)building game i have played on. there is just so much you can do on it, and one other major thing about it is that the picture quality is amazing on it for its time, considering how much we have advanced in Tech.

    If anyone has been put off park building games or simulations then you should defintely try this out, this game will change your mind about them.

    This game has been underappreciated by a lot of gamers but theese people that say it isnt worth it are the ones who think that you should go on websites and use the cheats for the game. this is one thing that i do not recommend, using the cheats because it just takes all of the fun out of the game and makes the game too easy to finnish or play.

    Overall i would rate this game a big fat 10 but because the game's graphics and sound was a little less for me since i played on it recently and comparing it to games like supreme commander the graphics are a let down for me but in all the game is woth while buying and most importantly, in my opinion, keeping.

  2.  Epic game!!


    to be honest i didn't like the game at first because i started off by playing against a friend of mine who had played this game for a lot longer so because i didn't know what everything was and what to do with almost everything. so i suggest either playing the tutorials but if you want all the tricks and bits that the tutorial doesn't tell you, you should play the campaign mode. and to be on the safe side so that you know most of the tricks in the game i suggest playing all the campaign modes for all three factions so that you have some knowledge about all the factions.

    once you have passed the lengthy learning curve then the game becomes much more fun and to be honest once you have played a good game on it then you don't really want to play any other rts, this game is so epic that it blows away every other rts. the main plus point is the number of units you can construct and also the size of the maps, it just makes the battles much more epic.

    on a performance side it isn't as demanding with hardware as people say, at this point in technology we already have quad core however because this game was made before this time it will not use all 4 cores. however i have a laptop with and Nvidia 8600M GT and a intel core 2 duo 2.0GHz processor and 2GB RAM. this is enough to play the game in complete full graphics, so i can turn all my settings to the highest possible settings and the game will run smooth. the only problem is that the laptop/desktop gets very hot after around 3hrs so a cooling device is suggested.

    This game is much more though compared to other rts games in the time sense, to get the game going(in skirmish) you have to put some time in building your resources and then your defences and then you will want to also upgrade your buildings such as factories and shields and defences. then you will want to think about major defences to repel enemy attacks and then you will want to build your own attacks. and basically a well played game lasts around 3 - 3.5 Hrs. a long time, yes, however it gets very addictive and you need to make sure you take breaks.
    The one thing that i suggest you do not do is:


    but by all means build strategic missile defence's to counter the AI's nukes.

    so overall the game is ridiculously awesome, and is so epic that any other rts will seem boring, smaller, and it will stay as one of the best rts for some time i think.

  3.  A fairly good game


    Now first thing i must say is the comments about the fellow troopers not helping you is not entirely ture as you can actually command a small group of units. and plus if you come in enemy contact, your troops that are under your command will break off and attack the enemy. this is a part of tthe game i liked, also the space battles are i admit fairly easy once you get the hang of it, but the point of a game that does this is for you to challenge your self, so set the difficuly to high and do other things like set the enemy unit count to be higher than yours etc. overall appart from no ships on land battles (appart from on hoth) this game is a pretty good sequel and hopefully if another sequel comes out then that should be much much better.