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  1.  short but sweet 3d showcase


    I watched this using a samsung 3d tv and a ps3 .
    the video is only about 40 minutes long but has some of the best 3d live action footage i have seen , clean crisp visuals that pop . if you are a surfer it has nothing special going for it other than being in 3d , just basic wave riding ( nothing like the awesome "Billabong odyssey" ) i did think to myself that Kelly Slater put no effort in and looks like he is just there for the fun and money .
    This is the perfect demo disk for showcasing your 3d tv to friends and family as it has some sweet under water scenes that is very impressive .
    Plus- great visuals , 3d is fantastic
    minus- short and just one viewing required
    4 out of 5
    have a look at my other 3d reviews for a non bias opinion

  2.  You betrayed Shiva !!


    Another excellent polystone statue from Sideshow . very impressive and far bigger than you can imagine with an
    incredible likeness of Harrison Ford as the greatest archeologist to grace the silver screen .
    very heavy, high Quality polystone base and statue . With some of the best tayloring i have seen on a 1/4th scale figure .it comes with an extra hand and 3 Sankara stones ( one of which fits in in Indy's hand ) , bag ,whip and sword blade
    i received number 202 of 1000 from PLAY.COM
    If you haven't owned a premium format statue then this is a great start , The photos and videos on youtube and the net do not do the justice . these are museum quality pieces and the value will rise over time as i have found on ebay .

  3.  Great movie highly recommended for the whole family


    This is a very underrated movie . If you love films about aviation, sci fi like me you will love it !
    The Rocketeer was buried during its release in the cinemas due ( in part ) to the movie Terminator 2 as they were both released in the same weekend .
    The story is about a young stunt pilot in 1930s America who finds a stolen rocket pack . He is then pursued by a a gang led by a Nazi spy .
    I recommend you have an in depth look at IMDB.com as i dont want to give too much away .
    The film is well shot ,with some great special effects and it has some awesome scenes . It is very easy to watch so great for the whole family to enjoy . Timothy Dalton plays a good part as an Errol Flynn type and it has the adorable Jennifer Connelly !

    i love the style and feels like a George Lucas ,saturday matinee movie so sit back , relax , dig into your popcorn and enjoy

    "I can see it being remade into a 3d movie" -Barry

  4.  GREAT SCOTT .............2015 hover conversion


    This is 1/15th scale not 1/18th as stated , diecast in plastic . a must have for any bttf fan .
    There are a few flaws . first off the exhast pipe is upside down , the paint job is a bit iffy ( marks here and there ), the decals are badly placed . there are NO dmc logos on the grill and wheels . The hover conversion slide switch seems a bit delicate . lastly the sound is a little too loud for the internal speaker to handle .
    now for the possitives .
    IT is awesome to look at and dwarfs the sunstar ones ( i have all 5 of those ) . there are also lights in the dashboard , time circuits , flux capacitor , head lights , brake lights , rear vents .there are 11 light and sound cycles by pressing the button . the doors and bonnet open . with some good detailed parts .
    i couldnt wait for the u.k release so got hold of a few from the U.S ( well i am a bit of a Fan of BTTF )
    my rating is 90% so not exactly the 5 stars
    but customising these will be fun (p.c usb controlled ) .

  5.  A good likeness


    medicom has been making 12" figures for a while and this one is pretty damd good . the articulation is near perfect . the whole outfit is well put together . the features are near to Harrison ford ,though not as accurate as the sideshow one . comes with a scale crystal skull too . box art is the usual jones style

  6.  sounds pretty good


    well if you pay more than a tenner for this you must be mad . the features look nothing like Harrison Ford , but Looks just like steve carell from the 40 year old virgin . go for the sideshow toys version at £50 . or even the medicom RAH one at £70 .

  7.  not movie perfect


    Pretty good . Not the same one that can out a few years ago ,and different to the one in the movie as there is a velcro fastener on this one . There is also stitching on the bill ( the movie one has none ) still a great buy . And good quality at that . There are movie exact ones out but go for rather more . Bargain

  8.  Still on my first ps3 but my 3rd xbox 360


    First off the ps3 is amazing and i have had mine since the day of release . 1080P bluray movies , some of the best games i have played ever , full internet connection . No online subscriptions needed . Wireless connection built in and it connects to a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse without effort ( xbox360 wont recognise it at all ) . But the controller gets uncomfortable after a while , i have had a minor problem with the hard drive due to a bad update ( the updates are also annoying as the seem to happen every other week and take ages)
    I give the machine an over all of 4 stars only because of the controller which in my eyes is a major part of the machine . Otherwise this is the machine i use when the xbox 360 is off for repair again

  9.  easy picco-z


    dead easy to use in tiny spaces . the only problem i had was with the connection from the charging lead to the chopper . it keeps on falling out .. also the weight strips you get arnt enough to ensure forward flight so had to add extra .. well i have flown this 12- 15 times and can whole heartedly say its magnificent and pretty accurate when controlled properly . i have had many rc items from petrol and electric aircraft , some electric heli's such as the great "twister hawk" but as £ to fun ratios go this is a true winner .
    Tip . 1 get the heli to hover then adjust the trim tabs so that you get it going straight .
    2, forget about the strips of metalic weights supplied and use some blutac or as i used celotape ( i have .7grams of weight on the front to get it to fly forwards . hope this helps you all .barry