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  1.  A worth addition to any collection


    Naughty Dog has done it again. This is an excellent cinematic 3D action adventure. I've finished it in Normal Mode and it was very easy, which didn't like, but there are 2 more difficult levels to cope with, so I believe that they will also cover that part.
    Wish it had more puzzles / riddles. Unfortunately, these days they make more on the action genre and less on the adventure.
    Haven't tried the online play - not a fun of it.

  2.  Back to the roots


    This is a great game with excellent atmosphere and mechanics (as in the previous title). They have also introduced a couple of new special controls, such as water flow freeze and back to the time option, which I think are great. Very much appreciated the experience meter giving you access to upgrade items allowing to advance in the game with more "magic weapons" at hand.

    As a retro freak, and player of the original POP in Amiga, I was really huppy to see that they returned to the roots of the series. Same booby trap system, same health refill options by braking vases, and of course wandering around a palace.

    I should expect the game to be harder, or at least give you one more option in the start menu above normal, and that's why I'm giving it 4 stars. You should consider the more experienced players when designing a game...

    Overall, a very good addition in the POP collection.

  3.  For Star Wars Funs, and not only...


    Great game, a very good addittion to my collection! Also a MUST for all Star Wars funs. Design, storyline, graphics, sound and gameplay are all excellent, giving the impression that you are in the Star Wars Universe. At this price, certainly a bargain.

    Also check the Ultimate Sith Edition, cause the 2 extra maps, are very expensive online (EUR 9,99 each at this time), and if you haven't bought this one, perhaps you should consider the Sith Edition with a little extra.

    Great anticipation for the SW_TFU_II later this year.

  4.  Not what I was expecting


    I haven't played any previous TR game, but I have played a lot of this gender. The game was good, but not great. The story line was quite bizzare, perhaps because this is my 1st with Lara Croft.

    I have played a lot of 3D Action Adventure, and this one had nothing new to add to the kind. Uncharted is far more complete as a game, and Batman Arkham Asylum, takes the gender to a whole new level.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing this title, but will hesitate for a next one.

  5.  More Than I Could Expect


    The games of comic characters were never my favorites, usually they have a target group for children, thus not easily played by adults. When I played the demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum I knew this tittle was different, and I decided to wait a little bit for the price to drop to buy it. IT'S A GREAT BARGAIN at this rate, and I wouldn't mind if I had paid the original amount. The game is perfect in every aspect. Great game play, great story, great characters, great fighting scenes and animation, great mechanics, and great use of equipment. You think that you are in the world of Batman. I can't wait for the sequel.

  6.  The Long anticipated sequel with Online play


    Bravo to Play and Naughty Dog for giving as the opportunity to lay our hands on the beta version of the multi-player game. I spend a few minutes playing on line, but was long enough to conceive the depth of the work that has been done on this title. I was really astonished from the marvelous graphics, the map design and the simplicity of the play. Easy access, easy control system, hard opponents, though! I'm looking forward to receiving the full game, since I'm a great fan of this category of games.

  7.  Very good game


    I finished this game a long time ago. It's a very good hack 'n' slash game, with extremely good graphic design, and perfect enviroment. Difficulty varies from time to time, and YES, it's a sort game. Nevertheless, it's a good addition to my collection, and I'm happy I played it, at least one time.

  8.  Excellent Game


    This is an excellent game. Very good design, and keeps you company for a long time. It's getting repetitive after a while, but it didn't bother me at all. It's an easy game, but worth the money, since, in my opinion, player will get a lot of satisfaction out of it.



    It's been a long time since I enjoyed a game so much. It has the perfect gameplay and keeps you focused till the end. It's quite easy to complete, and I felt a variety of emotions during the course of the game. Close to the end, there is also a small portion that kept my adrenaline off the charts. It was a great satisfaction to play it, and I've got the filling that there will be a sequel soon enough. It would not matter if it was a little more difficult or had more riddles, and/or puzzles. Go ahead and play it without any hesitation.