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  1.  a good movie but a rip off


    this movie is just a rip off of the raid. not saying this is a bad movie, its a good movie but the raid is a great movie, watch both.

  2.  boring


    this film is the phantom menace of the franchise. its boring and full of pointless and convenient scenes. Just hope the trilogy gets better from here on in.

  3.  best ghost story in years


    i thalt i would leave a review as the average user review on this movie is bad. let me just say this is a really good ghost movie which builds up the suspence i think most people just like cheap shocks nowadays. i love this movie its far better than all the other ghost movies out nowadays, insidious good film stupid ending paranormal activity 2, 3 same old tricks as the first and there are plenty of others. if you like old fashioned ghost movies check this out.

  4.  love it


    just bye it if you like metal best album i got this year. amazin

  5.  brilliant


    this film for me was a surprise. i didnt expect much to be honest but this film if the best british horror in years. from start to finish it keeps you gripped and you dont wnt it to end.

  6.  brilliant


    this film is amazing im not a fan of ufc but nick nolte and tom hardy are brilliant in this.

  7. NBA 2K12

    NBA 2K12


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    this game is easy to review as all i have to say is this is the best sports game out.

  8.  not great


    this film bored me alot and as i love basketball and samuel l jackson i thalt i would love this. if you like this check out the much better blue chips.

  9.  worst remake


    people who say sean bean is good in this film r wrong rutger hauer is amazine as the hitcher dont watch this rubbush remake watch the brilliant original.

  10.  amazine


    not only is it one of the best westerns ever but one of the best films if not the best. eli wallachs just amazine but so is clint, dam everything about this film is amazine. the only western to come close to this one is once apon a time in the west. sergio leone knows how to make them.