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  1.  Where's episodes 200 and 201?


    Normally a series of South Park is easilly 5 stars, but sadly this time it is not the case. Perhaps the most talked about episodes in the show's history have been omitted which is althogether tragic. These episodes raised important debate and interest (plus typical South Park controversy!) which makes them a must have for any South Park fan!

    Although I'm not fully informed why they were removed, I'm sympathetic to the reasoning; a lot of death threats were issued from extreme groups following the broadcast of these episodes and I imagine retailers don't want to stock the box set for fear that maybe these same extremists will take action against them.

    That aside, this still stands on its own as a strong season. Episodes like "Poor and Stupid" and "Creme Fraiche" some would argue makes this deserve higher then the 3 stars I'm giving, but please remember that it says "The Complete Series" on the front of the box. This is misleading and unfair to the fans and for that reason it deserves a lower rating than the superior box sets that came before it.

  2.  Would rate lower if I could


    The game is decent enough but the bugs are the worst I have ever seen. Lost many hours of game play from the corrupt saves that plague it and the constant crashing which has stopped me from accessing every part of the game. People may think this rating is harsh, but to be frank if people bought a film and could not watch it all the way through I'd imagine everyone would give it a low score. I'm only applying the same principle to this game.

    I'm sure there will be a patch released to fix these errors soon, however this doesn't change the fact that these errors exist essentially meaning Bathesda have released an incomplete game. Therefore I urge people not to buy this game until the problems have been fixed as then maybe they will release a full game in the future rather than a shamelessly careless rushed out product.

  3.  Great Characters and Story


    This film offeres plenty of twists and enough real action to challenge you and keep you really entertained.

    Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke put on what I would call the best performances of their careers. The film focuses on Hawke learning from Washington over the course of a day on how to be a successful NARC, discovering along the way that there is not much difference between them and the criminals they are trying to apprehend. "The way you protect the sheep is to catch the wolf. And to catch a wolf, you've got to be a wolf".

    Eventually Hawke starts to question Washington's methods and has to ask himself whether this man is a crooked cop, or just doing what has to be done to catch the criminals. It is this dilemma that drives the film and keeps you guessing to the very end.

  4.  Funny and Clever


    We have all been there. We go into McDonalds and get a burger only to get a squashed mess that looks nothing like what they show us on TV. Same thing happens to Michael Douglas in this film and like us, he is not happy with this.

    Only difference is he has a gun.

    That pretty much sets the tone for the entire film

    This film is a spot-on social commentary about a man slowly descending into madness on a single day as he tries to make his way home. He just wants to be left alone but unfortunately he meets a lot of confrontational people who think they can bully him around. I'm sure we can all say we've met some of these people at some point in our lives, but Michael Douglass fights back and although initially you feel he is a man who is only standing up for injustice, he gets more and more extreme along the way, slowly crossing the line and becoming a dangerous criminal.

    Another plot running alongside this story is Robert Duvall's retiring police officer who on Douglas' trail. Along the way he reviews his career decisions and feels he still has some unresolved business with the force.

    These two stories work well together and make the final confrontation between the two all the more compelling.

    This film will make you laugh and it will make you think. It will stick with you for a long time.

  5.  Ray Winstone's defining performance?


    It is difficult to write a review for a film as good as this. It sents the benchmark for all gritty films where it hits real and it hits hard.

    Kathy Burke gives an outstanding performance as the quiet, unappreciated wife, but its Ray Winstone that steals the show as her abusive, alcoholic husband.

    Seeing Ray Winstone portray a scary and violent character is nothing new to any of us, but when his character becomes vulnerable and falls apart on screen he truely portrays how volatile yet pathetic alcoholism is.

    The convincing performances topped off by some hillarious moments makes this a must see film for everybody.