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  1.  Every bad review was written before the game was released!!


    And the reason they are bad is because they are written by people who haevn't played the game.

    Let me tell you this game is brilliant. From the first time you get to the front menu you can tell they have worked on it. Yes it's still a little arcadey at the front end but thats Konami. But licenced songs and the removal of silly sounds everytime you select an option is a massive plus.

    Once you're into the game you really start to feel the difference. This game is difficult there is no question about it. You can't just get it down the wings and cross it in anymore you need to make space from quick passing and clever movement. If you try to just run past people you will end up getting done on the counter attack.

    People will start to tell you that it's slow. It's not at all slow its just not as quick as FIFA and for me that's a good thing. I like FIFA don't get me wrong. But there idea of making it difficult is, instead of making the players harder to beat, making the referee an idiot and making it bordering on impossible to tackle anyone with speed.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate it when people say about Footie games being realistic, because lets face it, there is no such thing as being a realistic game of footie where you controlling 11 men. No one does it so it can't be compared to realism.

    But what I will say is that in terms of pace, decisions, scenarios in which differenty things can occur, and general ability of players, this is far closer to the real thing that FIFA.

    With FIFA , the computer will move your defenders out of the way so it can score, no such thing on Evo. If you want to score a goal it has to be a nice set piece or a brilliant bit of play.

    Score lines are a lot more closer to the real thing as well. You often get a 0-0 or games where there will be a goal in it. I beat my mate 8-6 on Fifa and neither of us are bad players.

    The Master league is awesome. You can buy decent players from the start, obivously not the best, like you could in the really old ones, but you have to be certain you are going to be able to pay for them come the end of the season.

    Youth teams, real money, player faces, simpler ranking for players, Champions League and Europa league incorporated, Sponsors, staff, training, proper calender date Transfer deadlines all these things make the Masterleague absolute quality and better than last year.

    My mates complained that ooo"the players all run the same" and "On Fifa you can tell who it is just by the way they kick a ball". Frankly who cares, I dont want to know who's kicking the ball all I want to know is that the person im controlling will do what I tell them to do and will only be able to do things they could in real life.

    You cant back heal 45 yards and you cant pass in the opposite direction with complete accuracy. You can't shrug off players twice your size aslong as you have pace. You don't get sent of for slide tackling people.

    I'll put it this way, this game is for a challenge. If you want to a game that you will play for ages wondering how to master it this is it. If you want to know that everytime you play you will have to think of a new way to conquer it this is for you.

    If you want to just pick a team with a couple of quick players and just run at people who for some unexplanable reason get out of your way or just do what they want to do when you want them defend by FIFA.

    As always its FIFA for Show, Evo for the Pro....

    Can't believe I just wrote that.

  2.  Dissapointed with the Direction the game is going in!!


    This game has some good points in relation to old guitar hero's but also some rather big bad points.

    I'll start with the good ones. There appears to be a lot more options to accomodate for multiplayer and internet game play. As many people have said before me, you can all play with the same instrument if no one wants to sing or be stuck on bass.

    It's also nice that there are so many songs and that you can play them all from the start. The graphics are the best I've seen and the gameplay is very good.

    However, the song selection in my opinion is dreadful. For about the first 5 venues you play I'm bored to the point of just giving up. Because the game is now directed at band play some of the songs selected have hardly any decent guitar in at all. So if you just want to play the guitar and dont have the band you're abit nakered. I wouldnt mind but I had the full band set and 2 out of the 3 instruments were faulty.

    Sympathy for the Devil has hardly any discernable guitar in it, yet they leave it on there and instead they for some reason map out the piano section for your guitar. The same with Superstition, the main part is played by an accordian not a guitar.

    The songs, half of which I've never heard of and I have quite a broad taste mainly focusing on rock music, are so dull that if you fail them you just cant be bothered to have another go. Especially now as there is hardly any point.

    Instead of having to complete all the songs to move on like pre World Tour games, you just have to get enough total stars. But because the songs are so easy you can complete half of the early stages on expert first go at about 98%.

    So after about 5 Venues or so you only need to complete one of the songs in each Venue to open up the next one because you have so many 5 stars from the early stages.

    It's lucky they did make it so you can play all the songs at once because I seriously can't be bothered to play through the career mode and thats usually the only bit I do bother with.

    Of the song list the only songs I really get into are You Give Love a Bad Name, Two Minutes to Midnight, Sultains of Swing and They Say.

    The rest of them could be good but for some reason they have made them far too easy even on expert.

    Couple this with the fact that, like most others, I have received the old guitar which, due to its stupid tap pad, keeps going off at random and ruining my game with a failed note every now and then.Have reverted back to my Guitar Hero 2 wired guitar because this problem is so annoying.

    To some up. The guitar hero game seems to be going down the line of becoming for the band instruments. And when you by the band instruments and they dont work properly its majorly off putting. You're basically being forced into buying something you know probably will break after a fortnight. NONE OF THIS MIGHT I ADD IS PLAYS FAULT they were good as usualy with delivery and what not.

    As I was saying if you have a working band set then buy the solus of this game only if you like the songs. If you have a previous guitar Hero and aren't sure about the songs then steer well clear of this because unfortunately they are not catering for us axe men any more.

  3.  They'll get it Perfect Eventually!


    This game, probably, is the best Cricket game I've played since the Brian Lara on the playstation years ago. For me that was the only game which had the right balance of difficulty and enjoyment.

    Brian Lara 2007 after a couple of goes you could work out the flaws and bowl Australia out for 15 then his about 2000 of their bowling. On this its certainly not the case.

    The bowling although easy to do is not easy to master, the Aussies will hit you for a horrific if not somewhat unrealist, rate on hard if you dont bowl perfectly, and are pretty difficult to dismiss. Batting takes time and patience if you want to get a really good score and requires a certain decent level of skill. As far as I can see so far there isnt a glitch where you can hit every ball for six, everything is based on timing and confidence. One ball in the ribs from the bowler gets rid of confidence and strength and therefore you cant his a six next ball unless your spot on.

    But as is with so many of these games they miss out one thing. This year its the running between the wickets, the opposition are suicidal and you can almost guarantee that if you put everyone on the boundary and bowl rubbish they can hit, within about a few shots they will run themselves out. One even started running when the Wicket Keeper had the ball in his hands.

    This tends to be a hit and miss problem, if anything it helps you take the wickets which is really difficult and probably if anything is an error that balances out the score line.

    It could be said that catching behind the stumps is made a little to difficult as these are usually pretty routine in cricket but are made really hard but its definately an improvement on BL2007 fielding.

    Overall after one evening of playing the full game im pleased with it. It's a very decent game in terms of graphics game play options and perfomance, it was bordering on perfect. It the best you can get at the moment.

    O and one brilliant thing about this game, which will also get rid of the silly run out glitch, is the Online games. Had a game last night that went down to the last ball, its really competitive and runs very smoothly. No hitting people for Sixes every ball here.

    I would by this game if you love Cricket and have been craving the good old days of Brian Lara on the PS2.

  4.  Based on Demo this is 3 Years Wasted!!!


    Fight Night 3 is probably one of the best games on the 360 certainly top 5 possibly 3. And from what I can see they have done so many good things to this game, and then ruined it by making the controls feel like youve put the toggle pads in concrete!

    You constantly flick the right stick to make punches only for random excuses for punches or just nothing to happen. It genuinely has absolutely ruined what would probably be an even better game than its predecessor.

    I have played the demo as has my friend many times and neither of us can knock anyone out simply because landing to decent punches one after the other is bordering on the impossible.

    As much as I can agree the controls and method of throwing haymakers needing some work on from round 3. Its is undescribable untill you play it how bad the controls are and fail to see how anyone can rate this highly because its no where near as good as 3.

    The reason I give this 3 stars is only because I'm sure that when they release the full game they will return the control method back to the same way it was in Round 3 with some modifications. If not as I say they have just ruined 3 years by simply giving it the most unresponsive controls.

  5.  They Keep Getting Better and this is no Exception!


    I'm sorry but all the people complaining about this game are either 1. Just not very good at it or 2. Haven't got the machine to run it.

    I think this version is superb I used to run it in 2D which was fine (still lots of improvements to make this worth while) but decided to fork out for a laptop and now in 3D its awesome. How people can say they preferred watching a circle kick a pin head into a square to watching a very accurate 3d view of your Striker smashing one in to the back of the net is a nonsense.

    These people clearly either have got slow computers with no Ram or have downloaded it off the net. It is alot harder than previous versions but by no means in a bad way, You can definately tell you wont be getting Aldershot winning the Prem in 6 years like you could on ones of old. You have to build up over the years which is what you would do in real life.

    People complaining about Steam being a useless addition should really realise that its not for our benefit it's there to stop people nicking the game off the net. Remember if people keep doing that then SI Games dont make any money and we get no more Football Manager so think about that.

    Press conferences are sometimes repetitive but you can't help doing them and as far as I'm concerened the patches have fixed any problems. If i was to have one gripe it is that they still haven't sorted a decent online multiplayer network for the game. But who cares.

    I run a DC2.1ghz AMD with 4gb DDR2 and an ATI graphics card and it runs like a tap.

    This game without doubt is an improvement on 2008 which did become tedious if you like football manager do not hesitate to buy this game.