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  1.  Absolutley Brilliant!


    This is one of the best games out there! The graphics are out of this world and the gameplay is just magnificent. Fabulous story line, and amazing characters. Marcus fenix and his men against the never ending locust horde, by the way are very scary. Weapons are very futuristic and the armor are like toy soldiers, like all the big legs and arms.

    I enjoyed every minute of this game and it didnt take me very long to complete it, i didnt play it every hour of every day, but when i did play it, i felt like i was in a movie and i wanted to see what happened before i turned it off. There is a part early on when the soldiers get stuck in a building and the beserker comes crashing through the walls, which scared the life out of me. Totally worth every penny and i am definatley going to buy gow 2. In two words: Absolutley magnificent!

  2.  xmas with the kranks


    This is one of the best christmas films i have. I love the story line, their daughter gos on this trip and its their first christmas without her, but after planning a trip to a tropical cruise, also skipping xmas. On the day before they are about to go on the trip, blair calls them saying shes coming home for christmas. Knowing that they have less than 12 hours before her arrival, they have to prepare a party without blair even knowing nothing about it.

    This is a very good comedy, and with dan akroyd and tim allen, where can you go wrong????

    Buy this for christmas for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  Simpsons christmas at its best!


    This is the best cartoon festive dvd i have, all the episodes all in one. Although, one dissapointment, was the episode: "Dude wheres my ranch?" - the only thing it has to do with christmas was the family out singing xmas carols, then the rest of the time they escaped to a ranch to get away from it!!! I think they should have replaced it with is: "Marge not be proud" coz bart steals a game he wants for christmas and has to try and put it right.

    My favourite episode was miracle on evergreen terrace beacuse i like the way bart wants to open his christmas presents and gos down early, but ends up burning the tree down and ruins the simpsons christmas.

    Definate purchase, i hope they make an updated version soon cause there is new episodes out, which i really like.

    Buy this for a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  Wii Play


    Wii Play is really good but - gets a bit boring after a while. The games however are quite fun with lots of people, if your on your own. only get this if your gonna play with lots of people. otherwise - forget it.

  5.  Headcases


    Some parts are funny, though i can hardly say that this is a laugh out loud sort of comedy. its more of an anti - climax. There was so much build up to when it came out on telly, but then you watch it and you feel dissapointed. The only funny characters in my view were prince william and harry.

    Alright to watch on tv but i probably wouldnt buy it.

  6.  Hancock


    I thought this film was quite good, not the best film ever but then again, not the worst.
    will smith is a good actor and was the same in this. Some people slate him for this film.

    get this if you like funny action films.

  7.  Billy Madison


    I disagree with some of the reviewers, i think this is a hilarious film and Adam sandler isa brilliant actor with huge talent. If you want lots of laughs and a brilliant comedy film you should 100% buy this!

  8.  Arachnophobia


    This film rocks! if you dont like spiders then DONT WATCH THIS! There is a scene near the end where Jeff Daniels is laying down and this massive tarantula is slowly crawling up his body - yuck!

    definate buy!!!!!!!

  9.  Carry on Again Doctor


    This film is yet another cool addtition to The carry on series....
    Doctor Nookie (Jim Dale) is extremely funny and sid james plays the native doctor well - he also has 5 wives - monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.

    Get this definatley

  10.  Carry On Abroad


    This film is my second favourite film and i love the way all the charcters go on holiday and meet eachother. Kenneth Williams is hilarious as the rep stewart farqwuar. I love it when the waiter calls him "stupid fakihars" classic! Yet again the duo Sid James and Barbera Windsor are in it so you know right from the beginning its gonna be wicked.

    I think anyone who likes comedy should buy this film.