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  1. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

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     Good game but could of been better


    I got this game recently as it wasn't that expensive and i enjoy my sports games. Graphically this game is good though majority of the players don't look any thing like their real life counterparts.

    The game-play is a bit crap it feels like its been degraded rather then upgraded, there are also less teams in this one compared to the fifa i owned back in '05. The controls feel that taken from the early pro evo games because the tackling seems to be a lot and harder (just like pro evo use to be).

    Personally i would advise you to buy the pro evo games then to fifa as a) evo is far superior and b) fifa '07 uses the old pro evo engine.

  2.  Disappointing Game!!!


    I have to say this game is very disappointing, i don't like the controls one bit, they are way too complicated for a console and are too slow to use in the heat of battle as its like a combo of buttons (usually rt/lt + d-pad + a/b/x/y). The graphics aren't that impressive compared to other strategy games on the 360. The gameplay isn't that good as people have made it out too be.

    If your looking to buy a strategy game buy supreme commander or wait for c&c: Red alert 3. This game should of stayed on the pc and not been converted to console as it doesn't work one bit

  3.  Brillant Sequel!!!


    This game is absolutely fantastic, this is a must buy for anybody who had played on first game and someone who is looking to play a game for fun rather than the competitive side of things. This gmae is good for anybody of any age like the other two pinata games previously on the 360.

    Multiplayer co-op isn't great on the same console because half the screen is used up by the level-up and control icon, ussually in the top right in single player. But it is a bit better over xbox-live but i prefered playing with a friend as they tend to be more helpful then using a stranger to help via xbox-live

    The graphics are pretty much the same as from the first one, as for the gameplay the controls are the same as from the original game with a couple of quick selects (for seeds and fertilizer etc.).

  4.  Brillant Game Time and Time Again.


    Where to start...... This game is incredibily fun and yet i'm an adult (whilst the game is targeted for kids). The mini-games are very easy to get use to and understand, whilst the controls are very very simple. If you have 4 controllers and 3 other people to play this game with then play 4 player because thats what makes this game 10x better having a laugh and joke with your family/friends if not then go online tho its not quite the same experience.

    The lifespan on this game is very good since it has been out for about a year, and i have had it for tht long and i still play on it on a regular basis, also the graphics are quite good.

    I would recommend this game to any who like to play games with their family and friends and looking for value for money becoz this is the game to get.

  5.  Fun Game for People of All Ages


    I am a fan of the crash bandicoot games, so i brought this game without realising that they had changed the formula of the game play.

    But i think the changes they have made have refreshed the brand, so it isn't same old, same old. The cut scenes are enjoyable to watch and you get to have a laugh.

    I think gameplay is very good on this game tho i think the life span on this game ain't that good, once you have played through it, u won't feel like doing again unless in co-op which i enjoyed doing with a friend. The graphics are impressive and very detailed, so i would recommend this game to anyone no matter how old you are, but a good game to buy for a kid as a present.