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  1.  top game


    wikid game
    brings back to life some previously quiet characters
    and brings them back to mainstream.
    very good graphics and gameplay
    its all about 2 player and online play excellent you won't be dissapointed

  2.  rubbish


    Too slow and boring graphics are poor and gameplay is terrible simple as that

  3.  same here


    I also watched this film again through nostalgia of seeing it as a kid now it seems dated and pretty poor. I didnt like it one bit and sold it. Not one for the collection. But give it a go.

  4.  a great prison film


    This is probably one of my favourite films it is also one of the greatest prison films its really deep and the acting is great. It is also very violent and real.

  5.  good prision film


    This is a good prision film not the best mind its pretty dated now but its well worth a watch.

  6.  really really good film


    This is a great prision film this version is also the uncut 1 hope that helps get this version.

  7.  not a thing on the original


    Van wilder was a classic this is a boring remake taj was too funny in the first one in this one he takes on a van type of character which does not suit him and ruins the film.

  8.  wow wow wow


    This and apocalypto are the best crossover dvds to blu ray.

  9.  seriously good film


    I have all the animated films by diney pixar and dreamworks and chicken liitle is up there with the best of them. It is underated and u need to see it.

  10.  cool


    I love this film its hilarious. Billy bob thorton is great. You will not stop laughing i watched it over half a dozen times now in a year.