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  1.  Demo review


    I originally got this demo because it looked a little fun. I was pleasantly surprised! The depth this game presents is fantastic, the gameplay is deep and very fun, the graphics are excellent even at low and is runable with a decent computer and it's an easy game to control, no annoying or strange buttons.

    The gameplay provides great entertainment, both being funny and serious. Fun weapons; blast away your enemies with a shotgun or tommy gun or simply take pot shots with your pistol or revolver. The cars are good too, good variation and can be changed in the body shop if you wish.

    Graphics are excellent too! I can't even think what they could be like at their highest since I'm playing it on the lowest for it to run really smooth. But the lowest graphics can, in some circumstances, beat GTA at it's best. Effects are really great too.

    Finally, anyone that has a problem getting used to these controls must on have 2 fingers on each hand. It's fantastically easy and only makes the game better.

    In conclusion, this game is the bomb! I really can't wait for Mafia II to be released, pre-ordered it you see. I would suggest this game to any GTA or Saint's Row fans. Even if you're not a great fan of those this will provide deeper gameplay and more challenges. Must have game. Also, Play will give you an offer you can't refuse!

  2.  GreenDay Rock Band, it does exactly what it says on the tin!


    Green Day: Rock Band is an excellent game, that goes about everything very cleverly. First off, the graphics are excellent, with Billy Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt all looking very realistic and familiarisable. The crowd go about their own buisness; cheering, diving, singing along to the lyrics, etc. The audio couldn't get any better either, with the songs sounding at their best and the crowd shouting at their loudest. And finally, the feel of the game itself. If you remember at the beginning of this review I said it goes about it in a clever way, this is the cherry on the cake. The layout of the game is simply magnificent, and the characters are even better! Tre jumps about and goes crazy, Billy pulls his trademark faces, and Mike is as cool as ever.

    This is a must get for both Rock Band and Green Day fans as it provides fun, entertainment, a challange, and a good giggle when you see Bill scrunch up his face or when you see 'BJ' on the side of his guitar.

  3.  Brill!


    This review ia based on the demo. Endwar is one of the, if not the best games i have ever played. it way sound sad but i constantly play on the demo over and over. I'm getting the game soon and i can't wait. online is great. overall a good game.



    I seriously suggest that you IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS!!!!! Whatever you do. Grafics good on 720p, and strangly, not as good as 1080i. Everything destructerble, realistic; one shot death/kill, tactics, suppressing fire etc. And it's a long, and a kinda challenging campain. I think it's great, don't know how ANYONE could give it a one to three star. Take my word for it...

  5.  A great game.


    It's to late at night to write a review...all I can say is it's a great game. But it's not for everyone.

  6.  The best game EVA!


    This game has great graffics, great effects, great gameplay and a great story...

    Unberlievably reallistic. NOt much else to say really!

    The effect are unberlievable. E.g. If an enimy shoots the bullet will ricashey on a wall, on the floor or on you! Even though it is set around 20 years in the future, the effects almost convince you it's real.

    Very reallistic. The CQC moves. The shooting action etc. All real moves. And half real weapons, just slitely futurized. The only thing that I find annoying is every minute or every 5 minutes there is a movie. From 1 - 10 minutes. But apart from that, the gameplay is excellent.

    The story is not like a game's story, it's like a real story. A brilliant story.

    The online play isn't as good as the campain play, but still pritty good. The online play is nothing like it. You have to create a Konami account. You create the appearance of the character, you buy add-ons for the charater using reward points. You join in tournaments. The only problem with the online play is joining to make an account. Overall it's pritty good.

    An amazing game with a good online play. A MUST BUY!

  7.  possibly the worst game I have ever played


    The most boring, crappy, game ever. The story is made up as you go along. And it's stupidly unrealistic. Plus the grafics are terrible for a PS3 game, you could get similer graffics from a PS2. This game is not worth £15! DO NOT BUY!!!

  8.  AWSOME!


    The best game ive ever played! The missions are awsome, the grafics are brill. The most fun u'll ever have is on this game. If you really have fun you should go online, THAT IS THE BEST! Buy it!