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  1.  Still not the original album


    When I saw this was coming I ordered it hoping bad would be restored to it's orginal cd and LP issue in one word it has not. The album is the same as the remastered version, so you again do not get the orginal version. When you are shelling out a masive thity pounds you do expect to get the correct issue.. So you get "I just can't stop loving you" omiting Michael's spoken intro, "Dirty Diana" is the single version, the breathing has been taken off "smooth criminal" and "The way you make me feel" is slightly remixed with the vocal being more up front. So I was then hoping that these original versions would find there way onto the second disc of bonus material, "wroing" they don't" The bonus disc contains the three bonus tracks that were tagged onto the end of the orginal remastered issue and a few other demos and tracks from the period and remixes including a remix of Bad. Bad for me was Jackson at his peak and is a great album with almost no filler. Why oh why will sony not give the fans the orginal version, this was a chance to correct things. The Wembley concert is a great DVD to have having never seen it, it show's what Jackson gave to his fans a great show, you also get a CD of the concert which i also very nice. The package is good two fat booklets one for the DVD and one for the CD which have loads of information pictures and lyrics. So my only gripe although it is a very big one is how dissapointed I am that the album has not been restored to its orginal glory. I would state this is a five star album I have given three as this was a missed oppotunity to correct the album back to its fantastic original glory, and I am a fan but not everything is worthy of five stars. Bad is a five star album however as this is not .

  2.  Best of the Best


    This is the second greatest hits collection, however it is far Superior than the first. This collection is sort of end of part one. What was interesting after reading Unsaid things the groups biography is the group disliked the album above the noise and felt it was just to pop, bearing that in mind only two tracks make it on this collection the excellent "shine a light" and "Party girl" which is disliked by the group according to the biography. McFly first came to notice with "five colours in her hair" a song i have to admit I never liked, it was not until "Obviously" that i took notice. The hits kept coming as did the number one singles and although McFly are more than singles band it is on the second disc on the deluxe version you get "No worries" a beautiful song, Lola with Busted and some great live tracks like "memory lane". Like all writes, McFly got better as they got older, lets be honest even the Beatles got better would you say Love me do was a classic lie hey Jude, I doubt it. The first track "love is easy" is very catchy and it's difficult to get the tune out of your head, however "do Watcha" played on the last tour is a rocker, and very much what McFly are about, the other new track is "Cherry cola". It's a shame that many people don't see beyond "all about you" McFly are so much more, listen to Falling in Love or on the second disc, POV (point of view) they are both very mature songs and show Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones to be excellent writers. People still refer to McFly as a boyband a term I hate as it is meant to describe a group of boys who sing, dance and have there songs given to them. McFly do everything themselves, just like other bands not tarnished with that tag and are more like Green day than say one direction, Jones is an awesome guitarist as is Tom Fletcher, although he always seems to put himself down, when he is still the backbone to the band, the vocals blend perfectly together with Dougie also supplying the occasional lead with Transylvania. The now famous rhythm section of Dougie Poynter Bass and Harry Judd drums complete a very solid unit. I have no idea if this collection changes peoples minds, but the new material premiered on the last tour does feel like a return to form and is more "radio- active" than above the noise, which is a good thing. There will always be doubters as they will always think of the fact the group was market ted like a boyband, however listen and you may be very surprised, no boyband ever sounded like McFly.

  3.  Makes you laugh cry


    Boybands have there haters, and many people still think McFly are a boyband,well not in the sense of pretty boys dancing,or sitting on stools, yes they started out in that bracket but now I would argue no they are a real band and always were. It is nice that they have waited quite a while to do a Biography, instead of putting a book out in the first year, its been nearly ten years and that's a long time in the music industry. This book is unlikely to change anybody's mind a they won't bother to read it. When i sat down and started it was a joy, amusing sad and very interesting. The introduction about a trip to Indonesia and a masseur has you laugh thing, and then the story starts, in order. Tom starts off and from a young age his musical talent started to show,from playing Oliver in the west end opposite Jim Dale and what amazed me is how dedicated he is at making the band work.After the experience of being in Busted for a couple of days and being told he was not and feeling his world falling apart, the management saw something worth while in him and keep him on as a songwriter with James Bourne. We also discover Tom's dislike of crowds and to think this guy must force himself to meet fans for there pleasure not his is very commendable. Tom meets Danny who may never have met Tom had it not been for his mum, lucky Danny never got in the short lived V and teamed up with Tom to write the first album and then needing a Bass player and drummer put out the adverts. It's Dougie who will bring a tear to your eye, bullied picked on at school for being small and a father that just disappeared one day leaving a note. He failed his original audition playing the first bars of Billie Jean but the manager saw something in Dougie. He practiced at his craft and was the last to join beating the other guy nick named "Vand" from harry potter, and Tom's story about that makes you chuckle but not sure it made Tom Laugh. Dougie get's in the group even though he had lied about his age, but they loved him for that. Harry was the most confident, like Danny having sport to fall back on was always going to help. However the cockiness as he said got him isolated at school, and having to win back friends. Harry like Dougie and only started playing drums about a year before the audition, but managed to get in even though Danny wanted the other drummer at first. The three were thrown together in a house until Dougie finally joined them and getting the smallest room in the house however it was apparently much bigger than his room at home. It's clear that Tom was the leader and was the driving force as the others hid there little weed habit from him in the house. This is a book you will not want to put down to you finish it's well written and the guys have waited until they had a lot to say. You end up just wanting to be part of the gang, and wishing you had friends like these, that is what will keep them together. Am I a fan well i was not at first but as there music grew up It and I met them on occasions when i was working you can't help but like them. If your a fan you will love this book if you want a good read its a great amusing story with emotion. This is worth a read a real story, McFly will be around for a long time because of friendship.

  4.  Originals are better


    This was advertised as a reworking of the old hits with today technology, supposedly to give a brighter and all round better sound than the originals. To answer this they just don't. Please don;t get me wrong i a massive ELO fan and so wanted this to be great but, how do you improve on greatness?. Would you want Paul McCatney to re-record some Beatles hits and put them out saying they are better now than then probably not. The album kicks of with Mr Blue Sky, yes its OK one thing Lynne still has a great voice and is a great musician, however considering the original was a 48 track masterpiece it just sounds a bit hollow compared to the version we all know. The best tracks that do work well are the earlier recordings like can't get you out of my head, Evil Woman and showdown, infact after watching the BBC4 documentary and hearing Lynne and Richard Tandy perform a lot of the songs on piano and guitar perhaps taking a completely different slant on the hits may have been a better idea than trying to do better than the original. Although ELO was Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy provided great keyboard and arranged the strings section, Bev Bevan was always one of the best drummers in the world and in there hey day Kelly Groucett not only provided Bass but also supported Lynne on the vocals, I suppose that's what you do miss, although Lynne can do wonders with his voice. So don't buy this expecting a exact copy of the ELO hits, because its not, however it is still worth investigating as a fan, however as a new person to ELO stick with he originals.

  5. Tusk


    Fleetwood Mac - CD

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     Buy the double set its only sixty pence more


    be warned this is the single disc version with a single edit of Sara. When this was originally issued record companies felt it better to edit tracks or omit tracks so that a double album would fit on one disc. This was all rectified with the re-mastered double set, with the full version of sara restored. The second disc has demos and out takes and i quite interesting as well. really this should be deleted as it has not been replaced for once with the complete original album.

  6.  The better of the two discs


    I have bought both these collections, and although I personally think this collection is slightly better than the opening ceremony, which has more instrumental pieces and none of the music used to show the changing music throw the decades so is on the discs anywhere apart from Mike Oldfeild Tubular bells re-working. Now where us British have an advantage over the rest of the world is we have the best and most memorable mucis, with the beatles, Stones, who and Kinks. The Beatles are representes with Russall Brand attampting to do I am the Walrus, its not fantastic but its not dreadful either. John Lennon gets Imagine with some delightful children sining at the beginning, Lennon is still relevant today as he was then. Madness give us Our house, Annie lennox gives us Little Bird and prooves her voice is still up to it unlike some others who should throw in the towel. The Spice girls give a quick medley of Wannabe and spice up your life(a song I really hate)Fredie Mercury gets the crowd going with a bit of Day 'o' and then Queen perfom we will rock you with jesse J which works ok. Muse are on top form doing survival and the Kiser Chiefs do a good version of pinball wizzard. However the Who themselves proove they still can do it and perform a fantasic thrio of songs ending in My Generation. Take That sing Rule the world a good choice, George Michael performed two tracks Freedom and his knew song White Light,but only White light is on this collection, a lot was said in the press of Michael performing a knew song, personally if it was as good as his older stuff I would not have minded so I'll leave that there. Kate Bush provided a remix version of running up that hill and that song is still brilliant as is David Bowie's Fasion. Pink Floyd had to be represented somewhere and with Nick Mason teaming up with Ed Sherman and Mike Rutherford, they covered at least two major aritsit from the past. In the end this is a suvenior for the 2012 Olympic, something I originally beleived was a waste of time, but by the time I watched the openoing show, I suddenly became proud again to be british. So if you purchase this don't expect the best versions in the world and like all complantions not every track will delight everyone, but listen like I did and think we still have the best artists anywhere. Now all we need to do is pull out of eurovision but that another story.

  7.  A missed opotunity


    I read another review stating that I have reviewed every Beatles album and gone on about the mixes, I have not, I have reviewed just five, two Abbey road and the White album I make no comments on the stereo mix because it is great. The yellow submarine song-track I praised for a brilliant mix. Now back in the sixties stereo was a fad, and as has been stated time and time again, the Beatles had no involvement with these mixes so like many i was so hoping that this primative stereo mixing would be sorted out, but to my great dissapointment it has not. This is such a shame I was so looking forward to these re issued remasters and can't understand why this has not been corrected. It is possible and George Martin did re balance these albums but they were rejected by Apple. On the yellow submarine songtrack the songs were all balanced with voices in the centre and they sounded great. As this has not been done you really do have to question if it is worth re buying the early albums. The music is still great but what a missed opotunity. Now many will say this is how they are suposed to sound, well my argument here is that even john Lennon went on record saying "I can't understand why the vocals were on oine channel and instrument son the other". By the time Rubber soul came along th eBeales had been recording on four track equipment, and bouncing down, a term where you cobine tacks together so you have another spare. Now only a few tracks on rubber soul required this, listen to nowhere Man on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack, it sounds fantastic, full and vibrant. Nothing was lost in the sound all that happend was the instruments and voices were placed correctly in the stereo spectrum. All in all the best re-issue would have been a remaster of the stereo version, a Mono mix and then a rebalanced stereo mix, keeping everyone happy. I just have a feeling in ten years time this may well happen. Rubber soul maybe one of the best Beatles albums but in this day of headphones and I players its a very difficult mix to listen too what a shame

  8.  Same master as the 1999 issue


    First of all I fell into the trap thinking this has been remastered, to be fair my fault as the 1999 master was excellent anyway why would they need to do it again, On receiving the CD it clearly say's on the back remastered 1999. If you do not have the original this is great, and its interesting too hear what can be done with rebalancing things. All the vocals are central, and songs like yellow Submarine, you hear things and lines like "Life is a breeze" for the first time as they are not crushed in the original primitive mix. Its almost allowing the Beatles music to get space to breath. Now of cause I am aware that many people will feel that no one should fiddle with the Beatles music, but as many have said time and time again. the stereo versions were secondary to the MONO mixes and even John Lennon stated " I don't understand why they put the vocals on one channel and the music on another. On this collection, this ha been resolved and tracks Like Nowhere Man and when I'm sixty four benefit so much. Eleanor Rigby is even more beautiful and the songs from Sgt pepper are very punchy and fresh. I know many were against re mixing in this way but I for one love the sound, at one point it was even considered, that the Beatles albums would all be issued in Mono, stereo and re balanced stereo in a 3 CD set this never happened. This version is to accompany the film and is not meant to replace the original yellow submarine, the four exclusive songs all sound great especially Hey Bull dog which just rock.

  9.  on of the highlights of Colin Bakers Tenure


    We have been led to believe that this is the last re-issue of Who DVD's, well Inferno is now being re-issued with improved picture quality and there are now planes for a re-visitations 4, containing the Green death , Aztec and The Visitation. Anyway, back in 1985 Vengeance on Varos, was one of the highlights of the season but also caused problems for the programme due to its violence and torture scenes. Set on the planet of Varos where the population watch executions like we watch Big Brother was a head of its time. Philip Martin who wrote the story was a very respected writer and wrote a great yarn here which still stand up on watching today. Sil was one of the best monsters to arrive in years and so well played a well. The story was first written for the 1982 season, but was repeatedly pushed back and re-written. In its final draft, it also contains the acid bath sequence which was much criticised for its tone and for the Doctor's flippant remark at the end of the scene. I was not a massive fan of the latter years of Who I felt it had lost its way however Colin Baker had a very rough ride as the Doctor, but looking at the viewing figures which were over 7 million they were not bad, the figures slipped below 3 million when the show moved back to weekdays opposite Coronation Street but that's another story. Baker had begun to settle into the roll, and although I still found the costume just awful and very distracting Baker managed to make the story work very well, infact it is one of the few stories of the mid 80's that does. This special edition which has been issued by a petition by the fans is a very welcome re issue now a two disc set, it contains a lot of extra's including a great making of with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.

  10.  A good value set


    This collection was issued originally in 1992, at a very expensive 45.00. This is exactly the same but at a much cheaper price and is well worth a look by any Fleetwood Mac Fan. The set steers very firmly to the Buckingham Nicks period of Fleetwood mac, with only the 4th Disc going back to the Peter Green years. The set has four exclusive tracks one live track "Standback" which are not available on any other set. Paper doll is defiantly from the Behind the Mask period, written by Nick's and Rick Vito, as Nick had left the band by this point due to Mick Fleetwood not allowing her to use Silver springs on her own Greatest hits Time and Space. Silver Springs is included at and at the time was the only place you could find it on CD. Make me a mask a Buckingham song has all the trade marks of being a solo song knocked up in his own studio. Love Shines which was issued as a single, a McVie song is a typical Mac friendly song. The set dose not run in order which is a bit of a pain, infact the first two discs bounce all over the place taking in tracks from Fleetwood Mac too Behind the mask. Only one track from Rhumours does not make the set "I don't want to know" but the rest are included, perhaps in hindsight to many tracks, belittling the original album. The third disc includes the Bob Welch period and has highlights, with some very nice McVie songs, Come a little bit close and heroes are hard to find are just great to hear again and always seem to be overlooked. A few of the tracks have alternative versions, Gypsy is the rarely heard long version, a few tracks are different mixes like the the chain, second hand news to name a couple. For value for money this is an excellent reissue, and the negatives are completely out weighed by the positives, the booklet is nice collection of pictures but very little information on the tracks. Each band member from the Rumours period writes a few lines about Fleetwood Mac.