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  1.  Forza..


    You know exactly what you are getting with Forza. A very similar game really to Forza 2 but a lot nicer laid out and more interactive with the user. A lot more thought has gone into this edition and it shows improved interior views and damage is passable. Good graphics and runs smooth but as in previous incarnations replays still dont quite match up and consistently camaras are to close to really see the action but they have replaced and moved camaras and they are slightly improved to. Certainly worth getting.

  2.  A big step up..


    This edition of the yearly FIFA game is a big step up on previous titles. It still feels like fifa and a little bit more organic. The battling system could do with some reworking and shooting certainly better but not amazing. The 360 degree controls do add to the game a lot. Its a good step up but after playing it for hours in a row you still get that same old feeling :(

  3.  Superb


    Most people have played GTA and it is same old tbh but the next generation consoles add the icing on the cake that really make this game worthwhile. Better shooting driving and damage physics all help you engage in the game. AI seems like its going about is daily life around you and everything seems to run smooth and not be floating. The day and night schedules help imeerse you along with the weather effects which even effects the handling of the cars. Superb game 10/10 You know what your getting really but this time its finished off and polished with few glitches.

  4.  Good but repetitive


    This is good if your only going to play it once in a blue moon because its very repetitive. Recommended if you like Top Gear for this cheap but dont expect it not to get quicly repetitive.

  5.  Beautiful


    I think this album is great and very well written. I think most would appreciate this album so i would recommend this to pretty much anyone. If youve got this far you obvously slightly interested in the album to look it up so i defo recommend it.

  6.  If you love AC/DC then your guuna love it


    Im a devoted ACDC fan so therefore i maybe a bias i personally love this album and if you enjoy any of the acdc tracks new or old i recommend giving it go. If your not really an ACDC fan than i would really know whether to tell you its worth giving a go or not probably best to listen to a few tracks first of all before buying the album, can i recommend Rock n Roll Train , Skies on Fire and Anything Goes

  7.  Mum enjoyed it..


    Mum saw this advertised and wanted it so i bought this and she was very happy with it. I watched it too and as im not really a devoted fan of this genre of film its hard for me personally to compare it with anything but apparently it was a good little film. Although it hasnt been watched since, so that i guess might state that its not a classic but definatly one for the collection at the right place.

  8.  Superb class game


    This game is superb. Nows lets get one thing straight from the start this is an arcade game so dont go expecting any 'realistic' handling or anything this is about fun. This game is good because you will find yourself going back to it and still having fun even once you have completed it. Driving as fast as you can down a highway dodging traffic and BANG you hit head on with a bus you will see you can fold in slow motion and see it totally lose its bonnet. etc The car deformations are great and always feel organic. The event structure is very good and is not a navigation of menus but junctions! Junctions act as starting points for missions, do a burnout an event will begin. Loading screens are few and far between and are cleverly disguised. Before entering you garage screen pans back for a second then into the junkyard 'garage' aka panning for a second (little loading screen!!!) This game is great if you want something fun fast exciting and instantly playable. This game is a classic and im fully happy i bought this. I fully recommend buying this game 9.5/10

    - There is no view of a person inside the car due to it would be horrible regarding crashes etc. It keeps the age rating down. So if youre an adult buying for someone younger you will not have to worry about this. Anyone who has read this and thought oh that must ruin the experience a little it really doesnt you dont notice it at all and are to busy concentrating on the outside of cars to even think about it.

  9.  Good reliable controller


    These controllers are standard 360 controllers and are very sturdy. The button layout is good and they are pretty reliable. Ive dropped mine a little and if i shake it it disconnects then connects again but i mean this is going to be the most reliable controller your likely to get as its the official Microsoft controller specially designed for use with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Console.

  10.  Back to the old feeling Pro Evo


    This Pro Evo goes back to feeling just like the originals did back on the last gen consoles such as playstation 2 etc. PES 2008 did and felt slow awkward where as pes 2009 is just fast flowing smooth and just like the orignals to play. Its graphics are acceptable and all run very smootly. The game is laid out in quite a relaxing way with nice bright colours however the menu system and match visuals (intro and scoreboard etc) all feel very dated. Kits etc can all be edited if like me you cannot stand playing without proper kits and proper names. This game is good multiplayer dur to the delibrate dive! Its a great little feature in which the computer uses to! Overall this game is back to pro evo of old and will be instantly recognisble to anyone who had played them. If you enjoyed them then you should enjoy this.