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  1.  Scary


    My personal favourite of Michael Moores films, even if it is the least relevant to us in the UK. The effect that HMO's have on the lives of AMericans and the country as a whole is bsolutely unbelievable. Moore manages to mold humour in with hard hitting issues in this captivating doc. I loved it.

  2.  Our generations Grease


    High School Musical is one of those films that is terrible yet undeniabley brilliant

  3.  Better than Benders Big Score


    Ok so Benders Big Score suffered a bit on the jump to feature length....this one unfortunatley is the same. The plan is to chop the movies up into 30 minute episodes for tv and when watching it you can tell where the cuts between episodes would be. Other than that i really enjoyed it. It's got a lot of laughs and a funny storyline that somewhat reminded me of aqua teen hunger force sort of silliness. Bender and Fry are as usual, on top form. So as i said funnier and generally more supreme than the first but still lacking slightly. Thankfully there's two more on the way and it can only get better.

  4.  Enjoy it for what it is!


    I'm sorry to rant but everyone is slating this film and they are just being ridiculous. They state the ending is over the top and silly, but if you look at the cold war time period its set in (1950s) this set up is perfect. As it was around this time that these themes first emerged so contextualy its great. If you think it is far fetched just look at The Last Crusade. A 500 year old ghost living in a cave with the holy grail and when the villain drinks the wrong cup he turns into a gargoyle then explodes! It really gets on my nerves when people slate things just because it's different. Indiana Jones is supposed to be a big, fun, over the top movie and that's exactly what this one is. It's brilliant. Yeah Indys a bit older and some scenes are a bit excessive (the car chase in the jungle) but this is a great movie. People are slating it but it's better than any other action adventure out there at the moment.

  5.  Great


    While Family Guy settling into a semi-rut, American Dad just keeps getting better and better. It's as simple as that! Looking forward to seeing what the Family Guy spin-off 'The Cleveland Show' adds to the table.

  6.  Not Martys best, but close


    The film runs at an intense pace, it does have you biting your nails during all the near misses, and close calls. The Boston setting works well and really gives the picture character. The all star cast are on top form, Marc Whalberg paticularly. The only thing that brings it down is some dodgy editing, it seems like they rushed it through the editing process with some dodgy cuts and continuity errors.

  7.  The best sports movie. Period.


    No other sports movies can come close to touching Friday Night Lights. When watching this film you become so entangled with the hopes, fears and emotions of the people in the small town of Odessa, Texas. Football is like a religion to these people and it resonates out of the screen. Friday Night Lights is incredible it had me in tears.

  8.  Best Teen Comedy in a long long time


    Superbad is absolutely blisteringly funny. I promise you you will be laughing uncontrollably within the first five minutes. Jonah Hills pottymouth is incredibly funny and Seth Rogens cop character is great, and then there's McLovin. I don't even need to say anything about McLovin. Buy this movie. Reasons to buy this : Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera!!!!

  9.  What a Relief


    I was so worried that this CD wasn't going to amount to much but it's brilliant. The songs are all incredibly catchy, i can't believe how much this band have grown. They were incredible at Reading 07 and this album makes the hairs on the back of my neck reminding me just how good they were! I (L) KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES

  10.  This film is just good, ol' fashioned fun


    Now i'm normally the first person to criticize this sort of family orientated disney fluff......but Wild Hogs was great. It was never meant to win any Oscars, it made a lot of money at the box office and it will sell a lot of dvds. Reason being it appeals to everyone even the oldies who buy it for Travolta, you know who you are Grease fans! Wild Hogs isn't anything special but it's good fun entertainment and thats all it's meant to be.