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  1.  good game but if you have it for the DS not much point...


    this is a good game and i have truma for the DS and liked it so i thort, okay then it should be good on the WII, the game is BUT the story is basily the same and the operations are almost the same aswell... worth getting if you havnt got it for the DS butif you have it for the DS it is easier and the controls are alot better to handle with...

    3/5 because of lack of story but good game none the less

  2.  good ole sims city... a timless game


    if you are looking for a good stratergy game this game will keep you going for hours on end... it is hard when you first start off but once you get the hang of it you will love it...

    there are alot more things to concider when making a city this time such as water polution or air polition that was never really a problem on the last games buton this be sure to place zones in the right place or tehy will not build on them, after all would you like to live next to the powerplant or a chemical factory?

    this game is a really try and love... superb...

    5/5 and timless classic i cannot wait for the new sim city...

  3.  Great game... Great grapics, too greater graphics infact...


    First i must say the story and the gampley, well EA have done it again they are both amazing.

    First i must go out on saying that the story is well throt out and the missions are more challangeing then previous command and conquer games and the story is ALOT longer then previous Command And Conquers...

    The gameplay is more well thort out and convient then the previous games... however i do miss the right click move insted of the left click move but you get used to that.

    Graphicwise... there is alot there, infact this game has one of the best grapics i have ever seen on a game that includes playstation 3 and xbox 360... but however you cannot fully appreciate them as not everyone has a supercomputer as EA have forgotten (I was warned at the shop when buying this game about the garphic demond)... This game would have gotten a 5/5 if it wasnot for that...

    A trully amazing game that you will play and loe track of time... 4/5 due to gaphics (see above paragraph) but amazing gameplay and grapics if you are a fan of Command and conquer or real time stratergys i highly recommend this and you will forget about the others

  4. SSX Blur

    SSX Blur

    Nintendo Wii

    1 New from  £27.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.02

     hard to start with but you get the hang of it...


    I was told this game was a load of poop, I was told wrong...

    The controls when you first start of are alien to you i admit but when you stick at this game it is Extrealy fun...

    Not for the five minute gamer who wants to master it in five minutes you have to stick at it.

    5/5 a must have... but not for the five minute gamer

  5.  great game, flawded but a good game...


    this game is a VERY good game as first person shooters go... sowrdfighting is to easy though...

    highley recommend it as it is alot of fun to play... however somthimes you do just look aorund if you do not keep the WII remote pointed at the screen

    4/5 because it is a great game but it has some flaws in the gameplay side if it... still a must have

  6.  a welcome aditaion to the collection...


    Okay, i don't like the legned of zelda games that much but i must say this game has won me over it is a good game to get your puzzle/advnture head going...

    4/5 because the game gets boaring at the begginig... but well woth the money, a must have for the nintendo WII

  7.  amazing


    ts 1 freakin amazin game more for the older gamer with a lot of gaming experiance.

    you have to play it to belive it 5/5

  8.  i ADMIT yes this is an azing gam but...


    yes okay, i admit it this game is amazing but after the pokemon leauge trainng becomes boaring and it ios only fun when batleing your mates after the pokemon leauge but other then that grat game

  9.  good if playing 4 player with your mates or familey


    if you are not plaing this 4 player i don't recommend it as it is only fun then... you get hte feeling the AI cheats otherwise

    3/5 as it lacks single player fun

  10.  wow...


    it is just... wow... i honesty thort that on the demo they were real aircraft at first and the gameplay is nothing short of amazing i cannot wait for the real thing to come out... halo 3 move out of the way for this baby... basily a number 1 game form the word go i think if you havnt played the demo go and play it now... you will not be dissapointed it is also free

    5/5 so far don't let me down plase the 360 needs a new good game it hasnt had one in ages