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  1.  a mixed set of episodes, some excellent, some not so good


    Ep 17. Sunday - even excluding the significant event this is an interesting episode, lots of multiple simultaneous timeline flashbacks and character interactions.

    Ep 18. Submersion - this episode seemed a bit slow and predictable, the explanation as to why the wraith queen was on the drilling platform in the first place was a bit weak.

    Ep 19. Vengence - dark corridors, bug hunt, its Alien in all but name. Quite well done.

    Ep 20. First Strike - This could be my favourite Atlantis episode yet, stunning special effects, lots of action. Great stuff.

  2.  The end of a decades worth of SG1, its been quite a journey!


    E17 Tallon : Very good tealc going rogue episode, beating up Mitchel, brutal fight with the bad guy.

    E18 Family Ties : Not sure about the Valas father character, but you have to watch this episode for the ending, Tealc going to the theatre is just hilarious.

    E19 Dominion : This is Ori crossed with Gauld and the thought is scarey, some loose ends are tied up here, Baal is always good for treacherous behaviour and he doesnt dispapoint here.

    E20 Unending : The conversion to Star Trek is complete, time displacement anomalies and even food replicators. Its well done, interesting, but not classic SG1.

    Hopefully the new stand alone movies contain the stuff that is obviously missing from these final episodes.

  3.  Autobots vs Decepticons in your local neighbourhood


    There are 2 extreme ways of looking at this movie.
    The first is serious, what are a bunch of autonomous alien robots doing befriending a pair of American teenagers and bizarely saving the world from another set of alien robots? Prepostuos!
    The second is what a fantastic spectacle these cgi robots are, its a dream come true to see them on the big screen like this. Surely, any fan of the transformers cartoons, comics etc is going to love this film (barring the nit picking of course, my own personal nit pick is that all the vehicles are American).
    A lot of the anime speech making is missing, which is probably a good thing, the teenagers are engaging and humourous, particularly combined with Bumblebees messages by music. It could have been worse if the kids were made to be around 12.
    The plot is pretty tenuous, linking the kids grandfather with Megatron via a pair of spectacles. Nevermind though, the action sequences make up for any inconsistencies and silliness.
    Roll on Transformers 2.

  4.  more entertaining tales from Atlantis


    Irresponsible :
    a fun comedy episode, Lucius is so annoying you feel like giving him a slap yourself but you cant help thinking "if only i had a personal shield".
    Tao of Rodney : Rodney with super powers, you just know it isnt going to end well. The great thing about SG1 is the characters, Rodney is becoming a favourite. good stuff.
    The Game : playing computer games too much is a bad for your health, at least it is if you get to be in the game yourself. A neat idea but perhaps stretching plausibility a little.
    The Ark : Shepperd plays the hero, finds a shuttle craft that is clearly very well built! I noticed the size of the sets used for the alien space craft, its huge, very impressive, it must be the Dauntilus set reused surely? I like this episode a lot, it is very star trek like.
    The episode list is different to the one listed on play.

  5.  a fun film, dont take it seriously


    loved the first pirates film, Johnny Depp was brilliant, the plot was simple and it worked.
    forget the second film, it did nothing for me.
    This hird film seems to have everything in and more, in fact probably 30 mins too much, the plot is unfathomable and impossible to keep up with. my advice, dont even try, just sit back and enjoy the ride, its a lot of fun.

  6.  harry potter and the films are growing up


    This is the darkest of the movies so far, its very well made and there are some fine performances, espieicially the new dark arts teacher Umbridge..
    As far as the story goes, its not exactly overflowing but its clearly setting up larger event (obvious if you know the books).
    Its a shame that characters like Snape, Hagrid and Dumbledore have little to do, but its entertaining stuff.
    In general, its a very good film for both young and old muggles.

  7.  RDA is back in The Shroud episode


    episode 13 : The road not taken is another parrallel univers story, its well done, Sam saves the day of course. Nice to see Hammond of Texas again.
    episode 14 : The Shroud. Keeps you guessing as to which side Daniel is now on as hes become a prior. RDA is back and has some good interactions with Daniel, hes just as good as ever. SG1 is at it best when fighting the bad guys.
    episode 15 : Bounty : sorry, not keen on the Lucien alliance, they are just not up to it.
    episode 16 : an interesting twist in that the gate they go to is in a museum and the earth and all is not well with the society. Strange, that they all speak english, has the universal translator been invented? we have shields, transporters, warp drives, and phasers so why not.
    Overall, another set of entertaining episodes.

  8.  classic sci fi story


    The story is great, small town invaded by body snatching aliens that get you whilst you sleep, lone hero trying to escape and warn everyone else.
    The DVD is interesting in that it gives a black and white version as well as a colour rendered one (quite well done), but knowing how much of a classic this film is its not really got that much extras on it.

  9.  an improvement on the first ff film


    an enjoyable, light hearted, superhero film which is a let down mainly in what has been left out.
    The best part of this film is the silver surfer himself, he steals every scene, spot on. Very little surfer back story, hopefully the plan is to include that in his own film.
    The worst things about this film is Galactus, every comic book fan knows what Galactus looks like, its not a grubby cloud!
    This time round, Victor Von Doom is much more evil, as he should be, along with the ff themselves each character is well played.
    very little extras on the DVD, otherwise i was going to give it 4 stars.



    If you have never seen this film, you will be amazed to see that it is over 50 years old.
    Star wars was a break through movie of the seventies, this film is in the same category for the fifties, the special effects are astounding.
    The similarities in the story to Star Trek is also strong, space ship crew landing on alien world, mysterious character in Morbius, beautiful girl needing rescue, captain ending up with girl and what must be the first time in film the phrase "reverse the polarity".
    There are so many things about this film that work, the electronic music, robbie the whiskey brewing robot (i know of a Robbie robot builders club), the brilliant Krell machines and best of all the creature from the id (genius).
    A must have DVD for all sci-fi fans and a must see for any film fan.
    the extras are also interesting, with deleted scenes and lost footage.