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  1.  Dead Space is back! wit ha few new toys


    If you liked dead space 2 and the original this is a nice new direction for the series, gun crafting is good and making items is much better than the shop format system, there are optional side missions which are good for those who like to go exploring :-), co-op is a nice touch but the down side is that some side mission are co-op only this is a pain if you don't have a mate to play with and don't want some random messing up your game. but 09/10

  2.  Far Cry 3 the best yet! Game Of The Year!


    We all know how much of a chore Far Cry 2 was? Endless checkpoints enemys re spawning every 300meters no fast travel and malaria!

    All that is gone Enemy checkpoints can be captured and you can fast travel around the map from them The vehicles are awesome and feel really nice you don't have to stop and repair them every 5mins that is a massive bonus
    You can buy and customize weapons paint them with different camos
    There are loads of side missions and other things to do supply runs sniper challenges knife throwing races poker loads more dont want to spoil to much there are loads of collectables to find too and each mission can be played more than one way so loads of replyability and just the main story missions with take around 25hrs that is without the side missions and other stuff Its just an awesome game if you like FPS games and Far Cry this is the game for you

  3.  Best Yet!!


    Those People who have give this game 1 or 2 stars! you obviously didn't import you save over from ME2, Or you did but made bad choices that's is why this game suck for you.

    Imported both my saves from both games and it is amazing the detail and depth all the stuff i have done in the last 2 games its all there its incredible.

    The game itself is the best one yet. (no spoilers) The Multiplayer is a type of add on for the single player play MP to help get your Shepard war assets in the single player it is a nice touch its no Gears of War but it works well if your a true Mass fan.

    The only down side is if like my you love your side quest's love going of the beaten track then disc swapping will get to you. Its a shame they didn't keep it like ME2 with changing the disc half way but this really dose not effect the game play and just a little niggle.

    IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED ME1 OR ME2 you really need to at least play ME2 to get the most out of this game.

  4.  Rubbish stay with the first godfather!!


    ok this game had no hype or anything like that just vids on you tube, first view of the game this if rubbish!!

    New york is the size or time square its really bad there is no scale to the game, A.I is really jummpy they get in the way they wont get in the car and just run around grate!! if your tring to ge away from the police trying to bust you,

    When you do things for people if you have every shop or club in NY you have to smash or burn or bomb your own place to do the jobebecause it is so small what a joke!. the don view is really bad feels like your playing C&C not an RPG

    The driveing is worse than ever the grafics a cartoonish, you can take over a racket realy easy while being shot at you can have a cut scene talk , your made men do all the work for you were is the fun in that.

    If you lose a racket while in mid gun fight you lose your bonus wich is a real payne, the game dosent even follow the film like the first one did,

    The maps are realy small you dont have to buy guns if you go to a safe house they are there and if you run low on ammo all you have to do is run back a get some,

    This is in a diffrent world to the first godfather game a real let down from EA, stay away!! dont spend your moneyon this rubbish play the first godfather till mafia II in oct i ll be! 2 stars just coz i love the films

  5.  You can teach an old dog new tricks Old snake old hero


    This is the best game i have ever played dont listen to those 2 star ratings to enjoy this game you have to have played MSG from day one and be a die hard solid snake fan. the grafics are amazing love the seamless cuttscene to game play with no loading make it all the better MGO metal gear online is good butt you have to play it as if you were playing the campain otherwise you will get nowear
    people who bad mouth this game have no clue and i little tip leave 2hrs free for the end of the game enjoy