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  1.  Transformers T-Shirt


    Really nice quality FOTL t-shirt, with nice chunky TF logo. The colour of the shirt in not Navy though, more a mid blue/grey which actually looks much nicer than the picture. It's a bargain at 5.99!

  2.  Apparently it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for!


    Usual high quality Art Asylum/Diamond Select item. Looks very good, loads of articulation, fantastic price. If there are any left, get one NOW.

  3.  Resistance is futile


    Good 4 disk set, nicely packaged and a bargain for £10. The only niggle is that the US TV picture quality for the TNG and Voyager episopdes looks pretty ropey on DVD, even more so after watching the crisp widescreen Enterprise episode that heads this selection up (they're in Stardate order, you see). Simply assimilate it for a mere 71p per episode!

  4.  80's classic going cheap...


    Great figure, identical to original G1 Brawn, except with a keyring attached. Lop it off carefully with a knife and you'd never know... Great item!

  5.  Make up your own mind...


    This film could've been so much better than it is if it had only taken the time to have some kind of story or character development.

    As it stands, the film is visually very impressive, with great use of colour throughout, and Milla - as always - looks great in the lead role. Additionally, the sound quality is very good, especially in DD5.1 (sadly no DTS).

    There is lots of interesting technology, that is never explained (like dimensional compression), and some breathtaking (CG enhanced) locations, but for the most part the frenetic direction means the viewer has little clue whats really going on, which makes it hard to connect with the main characters (Ultraviolet and Six).

    However, the choreography for Kurt Wimmer's "Gun Kata" is impressive, if a little hard to follow at times.

    Overall, I'd say if you like flashy looking and sounding futuristic action films that dont require to much mental commitment, then this is reasonable fare for a fiver. Just don't forget to slip you're brain into neutral when it starts...

  6.  Great value T-Shirt


    Totally agree with crazimans review; why are you even hesitating? -BUY ONE NOW (er, assuming they have your size...)

  7.  Fantastic


    Great game! The cars handle really well, the graphics are superb (especially in 720P) and - with 60 frames per second - it's really smooth. The gameplay is far more open than previous Burnouts, but its still got all the best elements. If you like, you can just drive around Paradise City for ages looking for ramps etc to perform stunts, finding 'hidden' shortcuts and having some truly spectacular crashes! Loved it.

  8.  Pretty good, but fiddly transformation


    Basically a simple repaint of Bumblebee, this is a nice figure with good posability. It looks good in both car and robot modes. My main criticisms are:
    1) The transformation, especially around the arms, is quite tricky at first, and the instructions supplied are not overly helpful.
    2) You can see far to much of the robot mode on the underside when in car mode.
    3) Its made entirely from plastic; no sign of any metal, so feels a little fragile.
    Otherwise, not a bad figure at all!

  9.  Pretty Good


    Figure is very posable, and is quite highly detailed. The main issue (may just be my one) is that the hip joints are quite loose which make it difficult to get him to stand in may poses without falling down! Otherwise a good replica, if perhaps slightly overpriced.

  10.  Disappointing


    Having already built the Revell Easy Kit X-Wing, I had high expectations for the Y-Wing version.

    Sadly, considering it costs more than the X-Wing kit, this one has considerably less detail, and is also built to a smaller scale.

    The X-Wing has landing gear for display, yet disappointingly, the Y-Wing has none. Also the Y-Wing has hardly any moving parts (unlike the superior X-Wing model) and is just generally underwhelming.

    Plus the box it comes in is at least twice as big as it need be! The only good bit is you can put it together in about 15 mins, and it looks OK when finished.

    Overall, unless you really want this easy kit, you could probably do better elsewhere.