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  1.  Awful SOund quality


    so my PCI sound card dies
    i dont know / want to replace it and lose my PC for 3 weeks
    i buy this
    it works and installs fine
    but instantly the sound quality is awful

  2.  A worthy Competitor to the DS Lite


    Ok i am long term borrowing this of my cousin.
    While it has amazing graphics and a nice look i have to say 90 % of the games are lazy PS2 ports. Then again the few original games are fantastic such as Metal Gear acid and Final Fantasy Tactics, not as good as the DS but it has some amazing games 3 /5

  3.  Average game bad value for money


    Well it's just chess with the wii remote for £18 thats a bit pricey they should of released it as all time classics like on the DS so u get 50 games for your money but if your rich this could be the game for you

  4.  Great sound quality but low volume


    it says this is ideal for gaming it's great sound quality but while playing games like Battlefield it's hard to be heard while bullets are flying overhead. good for MSN and Skype though 3/5

  5.  Better than the Iphone


    Can do everything the iphone can and more.
    Plus its not on contract

  6.  Terrible


    What can i say?
    Cheesy, poorly written, unoriginal And a uneccasary sequel.
    IF you want a good musical for christmas go see a classic like Grease not this poor exscuse for cinema

  7.  Solid Light gun game


    Well as im a huge Resident Evil fan i was delighted by A new Resi. Unforchanetly this is not like previous games in the series but takes a "on the rails" first person mode.
    However this works suprisingly well. Admitidly it's no Resident Evil 4 but its no House of the dead it takes the best of both to make a challenging entertaining Co-op Shooter.
    Add a amazing plot and awsome visuals and you've got a great Wii game. Hopefully we will get a proper Resident Evil soon =D

  8.  Good title


    Ok Pro's and cons
    Amazing Graphics
    Very chalenging
    Gameplay is awsome
    Multiplayer add's plenty of replay
    Long load times
    Requires a beast of a machine to run on high
    Single player is to short
    In conclusion this is a must for all FPS players