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  1.  EA Sports needs to take notes.


    This is without a doubt a huge leap forward, not just for NBA games but for all sports games. 2K Have really taking this to a whole other level. I stopped following the NBA a few years ago but this game was recommended to me and I don't regret buying it for a second.

    The depth in the "My Player" mode goes far beyond anything I have ever seen in a sports game. You can spend your wages on various things including nights out for you and your team (to help raise moral and build chemistry), you can pay for one on one tuition or start up a youth center (to gain support from your local fans) and a whole lot more. You can perform training drills to improve your skills, sign endorsements, request a trade to another team, negotiate your contract and wages, customise your player, track a whole bunch of stats, take part in post-match press conferences where your answers will effect team moral/chemistry, the way NBA fans view you and the way your local fans view you plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

    It is unbelievably challenging, during each game you're given a rating (A - brilliant, F - terrible) My average is a C, my best is a B- and my worst is a D- out of twelve games my team has won 5. It is brutally difficult at times, if you make a mistake you're not just punished by losing the game, you lose XP (or skill points as they call it) for every mistake. Miss a shot? You lose XP, the player you're supposed to be marking makes a good pass or gets a basket, you lose XP. Lose the ball? You lose XP. Give away a foul? You lose xp (and are probably benched for a few minutes).

    It enrages me at times but when you play well you feel amazing. The depth of the 'My Player' mode alone is completely mind blowing and worth spending 30 quid on. It is hands down the most in depth sports game ever released.

    The commentary is also incredible (this review can't do it justice, it is literally the most realistic commentary you will come across this year).

    They could do with adding more options for your characters appearance and maybe turning down the difficulty a notch or two (or at least giving a lower difficulty setting for noobs such as myself). But aside from that this game is incredible.

    If games like Fifa and UFC want to compete with this then they really need to put more time into their single player modes.

  2.  21st Century equivalent to Illmatic.


    I've been a huge Hip Hop fan for a long time but over the last couple of years I've gone off gangster rap and concentrated on more conscious, political and alternative Hip Hop. However, there are exceptions and Royce is one of them. This album should be handed out to every wannabe gangster rapper on how modern day gangster rap is supposed to be done. This is how gangster rap should sound.

    Every track is great but there are a few that are borderline flawless. On the first listen I enjoyed it but on the second listen I was blown away. The more you listen to this the better each track becomes.

    Royce has been around since the mid-90s and has (in my opinion) always been severely underrated as a lyricist. Back when Eminem was in his prime (late nineties - early noughties) Royce was the only rapper who ever managed to keep up with him on a track in terms of raw skill. Hopefully now that he's signed to shady/aftermath he'll begin to get the mainstream exposure he deserves (you could combine all of the mainstream American emcees together and it wouldn't come close to touching Royce in terms of lyrical ability, flow and delivery).

    BUT As good as this emcee is lyrically and as mind blowing his delivery and flow are, at the end of the day he is a gangster rapper so the song content is unfortunately limited. But if you're even mildly interested in gangster rap you MUST buy this album.

    In my opinion this is the post-millennium equivalent to Illmatic.

    If you like your gangster rap full of swagger, brutally honest opinions and raw skill then this is the album for you.

    *Four stars simply because it's not quite five-star (it's not perfect) but you can't give it four and a half*

  3.  Great game but could still be improved.


    Story(7.5/10); Not the greatest story ever imagined but certainly not a terrible one either. There's still some major plotholes and people who haven't followed the series might find it difficult to keep up. Characters are entertaining enough to keep you watching the cutscenes but some are overly stereotypical.

    Graphics (9.5/10); Without a doubt the best graphics I've seen on a console (with the possible exception of heavy rain and uncharted 2).

    Gameplay (8.5/10); A lot of fun to play, it has a great variety of guns and the brutal melee kills are brilliant. The controls don't take long to get accustomed to. A few issues here and there (mainly when driving/shooting from vehicles) and AI acting a little strange/glitching (like Rico getting trapped inside a window) but overall the gameplay works very well.

    Multiplayer (8/10); A great multiplayer that is tons of fun. I haven't come across any severe connection issues yet and the lag so far has been kept to a minimum (for the most part anyway). Not a groundbreaking multiplayer but fun none-the-less.

    Replay Value (8/10); I wont be replaying the campaign anytime soon (completed it on the harder difficulty anyway) but the online gives you hours of fun and is good enough to keep people coming back if GG continue to give it the support and updates it will need.

    Overall: 8.3

    A great game, definitley a must-buy for FPS fans on PS3.

  4.  Bargain for £8


    Wanted to give it 3 and a half stars but it wouldn't let me.

    Yes this game has it's flaws (mainly in terms of graphics and loading large amounts of textures) and it has the odd bug here and there. But I bought this game for 25 and it was well worth the money, it's fun, has some great gameplay elements and a decent story.

    For 8 pound this is more than worth getting.

  5.  Awesome.


    Amazing series with a great plot and outstanding character development. Plenty of cliff hangers and over the top action along with the usual love triangles etc. Brilliant piece of telly, buy it. Season two was even more awesome, roll on season three.

  6.  awesome game.


    everything about the first modern warfare that made it so great has been improved on at least 10 fold.

    Haven't played the online yet but i just finished the campaign (on hardened mode took about 8 hours). And it is easily the best FPS/War game i've played if not the best game (of any genre) that i've played.

    This is a must have. Simply Awesome.

  7.  Awesome!


    Seriously the best mix of comedy, action and drama on TV.
    Everything about this show is awesome. It has no flaws as far as i can see. I really can't wait for the second series to be released on dvd i just finished watching it and it was even better than the first.

    If you haven't watched this yet then what are you waiting for? This is a great price for an awesome box set of the greatest TV show to come out of the states in a long time.

    Can't wait for the 3rd series to start next year!

  8.  Awesome picture quality


    honestly i felt this movie was awesome but still overrated so i'm not even going to bother reviewing the film. All i'm going to say is this movie is by far the best quality Blu Ray movie i have ever seen. It is simply outstanding.

    an awesome (although slightly overrated) movie that should definitley be bought on blu ray.

  9.  4 stars for awesome online


    The online part of this game is awesome the best online racing game by far.
    The single player however is NOT awesome. Very repetitive and very mundane. So if you don't intend to play this online then don't bother buying it. But if you are going to play it online then it's definitley worth the money.

  10.  Awesome online


    The coop and online are awesome. The first uncharted was (and still is) one of my favourite games from PS3 and if the online beta is anything to go by then the sequel is going to be even more awesome.

    *Will update this when the full game is released*