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  1.  GREAT movie, AWFUL Blu-ray transfer


    Movie is fantastic, very resident evil 5 like!
    The movie I'd give 4 stars, but the blu-ray transfer is awful. It is so grainy, some parts are hard to watch. I'm amazed nobody else on here has noticed. If you are thinking about buying this, go ahead, but I'd advise the DVD unless you only go or blu-rays.

  2.  Fantastic game, but way too short


    This game was so much fun to play! Great, engaging storyline. Great graphics and controls easy enough for anyone who has never played a splintercell game before to pick up.
    My only problem with this game is the length, it took me less than 10 hours to complete this on the top difficulty setting!
    Multiplayer is fantastic though and adds a decent amount to this game's lifespan. 8/10

  3.  called undisputed for a reason.....


    Everything about this game feels like real UFC, even down to the tale of the tape. The build up before matches are fantastic, graphically the surroundings are great. When you're in the fight, the graphics are good. The sweat, blood, cuts and swelling are so realistic too.
    The thing i love about this game more than the fact that you can create your own fighter from scratch is the way in which it is harder to secure a victory via submission, so you feel like you've earned something when your opponent taps out!
    Oh and for the guy that didnt like this game because he got knocked out in one punch, that IS realistic. If you throw 10 average punches that connect, you've got a chance of ko.If someone throws one good solid punch that finds its mark, it will end the fight. Same with kicks....look for example at gonzaga vs cro cop in ufc 70. One decent head kick, one decent ko.
    In conclusion, if you're looking for a realistic MMA game that will test you if you want to master it, look no further. If you simply want to button bash and moan, i'd buy something else.

  4.  Surprisingly good!


    I bought this knowing that there were going to be a lot of people who wouldn't give it a chance because it's 50 cent, as im not a sheep, i tried for myself.
    It is fun!!! Sure its no max payne but it is fun! If you're a 50 cent fan, it's his music and nothing else being played in the background so you'll love it! If not.....run around and shoot things.
    Graphics aren't bad and storyline is funny more than anything, but its worth a go and will kill a few hours.
    Don't be put of by people that rate the game before playing it. And now....the "unhelpful" comments will role in....proving that im right that people rate this game as 1 star just because its 50 cent.

  5.  Roll on fallout 4!!


    I got this limited edition from play at £24.99 and i can honestly say that its the best game purchase i've ever made.
    Lets start with the storyline...amazing. I was sucked in from the start and then, there's a whole world ready to be explored! There is so much to do that it guarantees you hours upon hours of gameplay that is not repetitive. Bored of using a pistol, use a machine gun. Bored of grenades, fire a nuclear bomb!
    Be good, evil or neutral. You control the very world that you are in.

    I can't wait for number 4 and until then, there's the expansion pack available on the marketplace!

  6.  Absolutely amazing


    I bought mass effect after playing....and loving.....the star wars: Knights of the old republic games. It is simply amazing! Graphically...top of the line. The story is like a blockbuster movie with many twists, turns and discoveries that you feel the center of.
    I couldn't put it down!! It unites everything that's good about rpg's character development and storyline wise. And the fighting system is fantastic!
    This is probably the most enjoyable game that i've ever played. People say it could be better somehow, but let's be honest, anything could. Only improvement i can think of is to make it longer and give it more quests.
    Cannot wait for number 2. Will be pre-ordering as soon as it becomes available. If you want a game thats full of action and makes you feel like the main character in a blockbuster movie, buy it. You won't regret it ;)

  7.  Single player GREAT, online....NOT SO GREAT =(


    Gears of war 2 has amazing graphics, gameplay and the new weapons are fantastic. The ability to crawl when you've been downed is also great! The storyline is also fantastic and is left opened very well for a seqel, with many unanswered questions ;)
    Single player is longer than the first one and i loved every minute of it. It's easy to get hooked and want to get all the collectibles and all of the acheivements.

    Now comes the online play.....
    I always say why fix what isn't broken? The gears of war mutliplayer in the first one was amazing.....you could play exactly what you wanted, how you wanted and with who you wanted....
    Gears of war 2 multiplayer was a huge let down for me and here are the reasons why:
    -You cannot choose whether you are cog or locust
    -There is no multiplayer leaderboard
    -You do not get to choose what match type you want to be in, whether it is execution, warzone etc
    -You cannot choose the round duration of the public matches
    -Seriously 2.0 (100,000 kills) requires no skill whatsoever as you dont have to get the kills online.....you can get them all in single player replaying the same chapters that give you the same kills over and over.

    My recommendation is to buy it for the single-player alone....and also horde mode is cool! But if you're expecting gears 2 to be as good as the first one online, prepare to be shocked.....and by that i mean with the smoke grenades that happen to act as flashbangs in this one too =(

  8.  simpsons used to be funny.....


    This movie was poor, there's no other word for it. When i used to watch simpsons, i used to laugh time and time again. In that movie, i laughed twice...once being the famous spiderpig bit and the president scwharznegger.
    The storyline was flat, the jokes were bland and the movie was just plain boring.
    As a former dedicated simpsons fan, it hurts me to say that their time has passed and Family Guy has stepped up....

  9.  xbox360gamer


    i bought this game early and....its fantastic!
    I originally bought it as a collector because of the cool lookin box and big daddy figure and now i realise that the game is spectacular too.
    An intense, interesting story awaits you...as well as stunning visuals and huge machines that try to bash the **** outta you!
    Ladies and gentlemen....im BIO-SHOCKED!

  10.  360gamer


    The best game i have ever played!! stunning visuals...atmospheric music and a storyline that lasts ages. Real-time fights rather than those long boring turn based ones. FANTASTIC! 5 *'s