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  1.  Well done Treyarch!


    Im a big fan of the cod series and black ops is as good as if not better than mw2 allthough cod4 is still my fav.The game is much more balanced than mw2 as there is no more quick scoping,over powering weapons,noobs camping for the stupidly unbalanced kill streak rewards and the boosters cheating to get there nukes.
    Single player was exellent if not a little short but then ive still got veteran to get through so a few hours of gameplay to be had and then theres the zombie mode which is great fun.
    Well done Treyarch as i was worried after WAW but u have done a great job as the multiplayer is up there with the best and single player is fantastic as well so to all fps fans dont listen to all the HALO FANBOYS and quickscope sniper noobs on here this a great game and a must buy!

  2.  Genius!!


    This game is a must have and i would go as far as to say that it is the best single player game on the 360 closely followed by bioshock!
    Im on my second play through after downloading the new suits guns etc and its just as good as it was on the first play through!

    Brilliant game.

  3.  Fifa 09


    Best football game ever imo,i know that PES fans will disagree but its true this game is so good in every way!!

  4.  Great multiplayer game


    Not as good as CoD 4 imo but still a very good game and multiplayer will keep you intrested for a very long time!

  5.  exellent racer!


    When the demo came out me and a few freinds played this nearly every night so no surprise that when the full game got delivered(a day early ; )..) it hasnt come out of my 360!Career mode is massive and has great depth to it and then theres the multiplayer which has loads of tracks and cars a great ranking system and is one of the best racers i have played in a long time,now i wouldnt say its better than forza 2 as thay are such different games as with forza there is so much depth to the tuning and car set up side of things that it was sometimes very frustrating trying to compete online when you know you are faster than other people but they had better understanding of seting there car up. With Grid its a level playing field and just a very fun enjoyable experience!Deffo buy if you like racers as this is a great game!

  6.  you wouldnt believe its 2 years old....


    I got this game after smashing CoD4 for the last 6 months after freinds telling me that this was the best 1st person shooter for its time and boy they wasnt wrong.It puts alot of modern 360 FPS to shame like Blacksite Area 51 etc and this game came out 2 years ago!I played through the campaign on hardened which is a good challenge and kept me at it for a few nights and then theres the MP which is good fun and there was a fair few people playing aswell which was a suprise seeing how old it is.If you like CoD4 or any FPS for that fact then i would deffo give this a purchase and as i said dont worrie how long the game has been out for as if it came out now it would still put most FPS to shame.

  7.  Buy only if you like lost!


    This one is deffo only for lost fans as tbh the game is not a great game and has a few problems.Allthough as a big lost fan i couldnt help but get in to the game in the last to levels and then it was over as its only 6 hours long which is way to short!Buy if you like lost and avoid if you dont

  8.  Nice improvements


    better than the first R6V but not enough new things to make this game last the test of time for me.The new A.C.E.S system and ranking system is cool in the way you can rank up in the story mode and T hunts i got quite boared of the mp side of things to quick.Co op in story mode is cool and i really enjoyed doing all the t hunts missions with 4 m8s so i would deffo recommend this game as it offers a nice change of pace from CoD4 and has plenty of game modes to keep you happy.

  9.  Exellent co-op game


    I would have given this 5 stars but i didnt enjoy the multiplayer or single player a great deal but playing through the campaign mode with a freind is brilliant and its kept me off CoD4 for a few nights which hasnt happened alot in the last 3 months.It has great graphics the gameplay is spot on as you feel connected to the game when playing.The enemy AI is also at a good standerd when playing on contractor so should be a real challenge when i play through it again with my brother on professional.Great game and highly reccomend to any one who likes playing through campaigns with there freinds.

  10.  Dissapointed


    It is really hard to master for children as none of my kids can play this game as the darts just seem to fly where they like?also the graphics are not as good as i expected them to be,there is good depth to single player but the gameplay dosnt cut it for me.